British Mom Says Her Daughter Got A Bag Of Ecstasy While Trick Or Treating

A British mother says her daughter got more of a trick than a treat on Halloween this year — a bag of ecstasy that someone threw into the girl’s trick or treat bag during the night.

As the Independent reports, mom Amy Dixon claimed she found a small padded envelope mixed into the candy that her children collected after they went trick-or-treating in their Shiremoor neighborhood. The woman said her daughter had almost eaten the small pills that were inside when she intervened.

“I picked it up and I just thought, ‘Who puts sweets in a Jiffy bag?” she told the Chronicle.

“I was screaming hysterically at her. Then my partner said: ‘Hang on, they don’t look like sweets’. My heart was racing,” she added.

Dixon decided to take the pills to a local police station, where officers determined that the small pills were likely the drug ecstasy. The girl could have faced serious consequences, including a possible overdose, had she eaten the pills.

Amy Dixon is not the only person to make a very strange find mixed with candy and treats from Halloween. In Maine, a teen said she found a bag of marijuana in her bag after going trick-or-treating near a middle school.

As NECN reported, the 13-year-old isn’t sure what house dropped the bag of marijuana into her bag. Steve Gagne, the fiancé of the girl’s mother, took the bag to local police.

“I’m just dismayed,” he told the news outlet. “The world is a crazy place these days.”

Gagne said they were lucky that the girl was honest and brought it right to her parents. He worried that an older teenager might not have been so quick to turn it in.

“While we were going through the bag, she kind of pulled it out like, ‘Oh, I got this,'” said Gagne. “We are very proud of her for doing the right thing and turning it into us. We’re glad it was one of our older kids and not younger kids that got it.”

That was not the only unwelcome surprise for a trick-or-treater in Maine. The report noted that police in a different part of the state were investigating a report of a pin found in peanut butter cup. No one was hurt, but police warned residents to be vigilant about their candy.

Police in Shiremoor have also asked that if anyone else finds suspicious candy they call the police and turn it in to them.

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