Bruce Willis Is A Terrible Guest On BBC Show

Bruce Willis appeared on BBC One’s The One Show on Wednesday evening to promote his new movie, A Good Day To Die Hard, but he proved to be a far from ideal guest.

The Hollywood actor appeared to snub questions from the show’s hosts, Matt Baker and Alex Jones, and viewers squirmed in their seats as his interview became increasingly awkward.

One of the 57 year-old actors most bizarre moments came when he interrupted a question from Baker, who was seemingly praising the movie, to say, “Let me ask you guys, what about the title? Are you confused by it?”

Jones then stated that she was a little perplexed by it, to which Willis stated, “I don’t understand it. ‘It’s a Good Day to Die Hard’? No, I’m still working on it.”

Baker then looked to convince his guest the title wasn’t too bad, but Willis insisted, stating, “It’s a difficult title. A Good Day to Die Hard? It’s like, have a sandwich and let’s go shopping – then Die Hard.”

The interviewer then asked, “Is that what you would have called the film?” To which Willis responded, “It would have made about as much sense.”

Viewers were quick to register their disgust with the interview, taking to the BBC’s Points of View forum to vent their frustration. One wrote, “What was his problem because he was not interested at all, why bother appearing like an idiot. This was a shameful appearance and full credit to the presenters who did a great job with an ignorant couldn’t care less man.”

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