Republican Voters More Loyal To Donald Trump Than GOP, According To New Poll

A new poll shows that Republican voters are actually more loyal to President Donald Trump than the GOP itself.

According to a report from the Hill, Donald Trump is now the “brand” for the Republican party. In fact, 46 percent of people registered as Republican align themselves with Trump as opposed to a mere 25 percent who align themselves with the actual Republican party. That left 18 percent of those who responded who associated with both the GOP and the president while a minuscule 9 percent said that they no longer associate themselves with either Trump or the party itself.

Not only do more conservative voters align with Trump but they also approve of the job he’s doing. A whopping 90 percent of conservatives believe that the president is doing a great job at leading the United States.

For the first time in more than a year, approval ratings for the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are equal at 41 percent with the GOP making positive gains since last December.

Despite his high numbers with Republicans, in general, over 40 percent of poll respondents said that they plan to send a message of opposition to the president with their vote in the November 6 midterm elections. They want to send a message of disapproval to Trump.

Pollster Mark Penn told the Hill over email, “Today the Republican Party is the party of Trump. He won the nomination for the same reason he dominates over old guard leaders — the voters wanted a disruptor of the status quo, and he is that disruptor.”

So far, as of this morning, CNN reported that 23,391,086 votes have already been cast in the U.S. through early voting efforts and mail-in ballots.

Because of Trump’s popularity with the conservative base, the Wall Street Journal reported that Republicans pin all their hopes for the rapidly approaching midterms on the president’s campaign rallies. Earlier this year, when Trump’s approval rating was lower, the party didn’t rely on him much, but as the year progressed, his numbers rose, and now he’s drawing in crowds of support throughout the country at various venues for mainly Senate and governor races.

Since Labor Day, Trump conducted 20 campaign rallies in states with tightly contested races. The Republican party hopes that these gatherings help rally the base to get out and support the conservative candidates. Over the next five days, Trump will finish out his massive midterm campaign push with nine more rallies.

In Mississippi nearly one month ago, Trump declared at an event, “I’m not on the ballot. But in a certain way, I am on the ballot.” He’s made it clear that these elections matter to him, and many view the outcome of the elections in five days as a referendum on Trump’s presidency thus far.

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