‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dominic Zamprogna Set To Return As Dante Falconeri, But There’s A Catch

General Hospital spoilers tease that there is a development of some sort coming soon for Lulu Spencer Falconeri. Lulu has been struggling to manage life in Port Charles with her husband Dante Falconeri off on an undercover assignment for the WSB and the two have been fighting over the phone a lot. Now, it looks like viewers will soon see Dante himself pop up, but sadly it won’t be for an extended period of time.

Actor Dominic Zamprogna was last seen on General Hospital playing Dante last June. The actor decided it was time to spread his wings and try other projects, but he had noted that he’d be open for a short-term return here and there in the future. Spoilers reveal that he is back on the set to reprise the role he originated, and this has fans speculating.

Zamprogna shared a photo via Twitter teasing that he was back as Dante for a day, noting that he was happy to be back on the set. Some fans had been expecting news like this, as Dominic had shared some teases in recent days that certainly made it sound as if he was headed back to the General Hospital set to film.

The actor tweeted about Tuesday being a big day and tagged actor Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny. When William deVry teased that Dom was forgetting someone, Zamprogna replied that he was thankful for the reminder, as he’d see “Ma” Lisa LoCicero on Tuesday too.

Naturally, fans are anxious for General Hospital spoilers regarding what this return means. Sadly, this is not a lengthy return. ABC Soaps in Depth shares that Zamprogna was on the set on Tuesday to film for just one day. The episode with Dante appearing is slated to air sometime in the middle of November.

What happens with Dante when he appears again? Unfortunately, nobody is dishing out details on that front. Speculation will surely run rampant over this, and it’s hard to see this one-day return as anything that’ll be a positive for Lulu.

As the Inquisitr noted recently, fans were wondering how the show would proceed on opening Lulu up to more storylines with Dante remaining off-screen. Leaving her fighting with Dante and pining for his return will only work for so long, so viewers wondered if they’d recast, kill Dante, or end up splitting the couple up eventually.

With Zamprogna returning for one episode, it would lead many to think that the show isn’t planning a recast. Will they kill Dante off like they did with the character of Nathan when Ryan Paevey left a while back? Will they bring Dante back to have him talk with Lulu about ending their marriage? Will they try to keep the two as a couple who is continuing a long-distance marriage?

Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding Dominic Zamprogna’s return as Dante should emerge over the next couple of weeks. It’s not known whether the character will be back in Port Charles or just seen via a phone call with Lulu or something similar, but it looks like the writers have plans for some way to move Lulu’s storyline forward perhaps without her husband.

Will the General Hospital writers be able to come up with a way to keep Dante off-screen but still allow for the storylines viewers crave for Lulu? Spoilers suggest that there could be some emotional scenes on the way with this return and fans are anxious to see how it all plays out.

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