‘General Hospital’ Fans Speculate Over What’s Next For Lulu As Dante References Start Popping Up Regularly

It’s been months now since actor Dominic Zamprogna left General Hospital and the role of Dante. The door was left open for the character to potentially return, with Dante leaving Port Charles to work undercover. However, keeping that door open has left Emme Rylan’s character of Lulu stuck without much of a juicy storyline. It looks like GH fans are getting anxious to see something come together for her and there certainly have been hints popping up in recent episodes that the writers might have something in mind.

Ever since Dante left town, Lulu has been left without much of anything substantial to do. She’s now working for Peter at the Invader, putting together a story on Ryan. Obviously, that will be a big piece once everybody discovers that Ryan’s not really dead and is actually impersonating his twin brother Kevin. Aside from that, however, she’s been supporting Maxie and Chase and that’s about it.

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers watched as Valerie was promoted to detective and assigned to be Chase’s new partner. Lulu happened to be at the police station as this all happened, and she naturally got a bit emotional. There have been numerous mentions of Dante lately, more than fans had heard in previous months, and now it looks like Lulu will struggle with Valerie essentially stepping into Dante’s place.

There have been some General Hospital spoilers swirling that Lulu might become an issue in the slowly-developing romance between Maxie and Peter. In addition, the show has been nudging Lulu and Chase closer and closer together and fans have to wonder if they might toy with the idea of a romance there too.

This latest episode of General Hospital prompted fans to start speaking up across Twitter. Sadly, General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps for the fall reveal virtually nothing in terms of action for Lulu, and Rylan’s fans want to see something juicy develop for the actress. One GH fan tweeted that it seems like the writers have no idea what to do with Lulu other than put her in the middle of other relationships.

Viewers had lots to say about the emotional moments from Lulu that came during Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. As she watched Valerie get Dante’s desk, many noted that there needs to be more of this from the character.

These scenes at the PCPD also prompted some talk across Twitter that Lulu seemed perhaps jealous that Valerie would be partnering with Chase. Obviously, that could lead to some juicy moments since Chase and Lulu have been leaning on one another quite a bit since Dante left town.

The show does have a challenging decision to make when it comes to the character of Lulu. So far, they’ve resisted recasting the role of Dante, but actor Dominic Zamprogna seems to be doing well in pursuing other opportunities. Does the show gently work on putting Lulu with someone new and then perhaps bring Dante back via a new actor taking over the role? Do they kill him off? Do they leave Lulu in limbo for the foreseeable future?

Fans don’t necessarily seem to like the idea of seeing Lulu paired with Chase. However, actress Emme Rylan’s recent scenes have General Hospital fans buzzing that they want to see something bigger created in terms of a storyline for the character. Spoilers may not hint at much being on the horizon at the moment, but GH viewers are starting to speak up and it looks like they are anxious to see something developed for Lulu sooner rather than later.

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