‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 19 Spoilers: Doyle Finally Admits Defeat Against Katsumi, Baki & Kozue Go Intimate

What are Doyle's plans after finally admitting his first defeat?

Baki 2018 Episode 19
Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992 / Netflix

What are Doyle's plans after finally admitting his first defeat?

Baki Season 3 Episode 19, which is currently available on Netflix, started with the confrontation between Hector Doyle and Doppo Orochi. Doyle was about to escape after setting the dojo, together with Katsumi Orochi and his students, on fire, but Doppo was just waiting for him in the street.

Before engaging in a brutal fight, Doppo told Doyle that the two men who defeated him, Retsu Kaioh and Biscuit Oliva, are already dead. Oliva was hit by a meteor, while Retsu was caught in a huge earthquake and fell into the cracks. However, Doppo only said those things to distract Doyle and surprise him with an attack.

Doppo asked Doyle to fight him in an open space where no other people will be involved. For the second time, Doppo started a mind game with Doyle. Doppo promised that he will not use his karate if Doyle will not use the weapons planted on his body or explosives. Doyle gets more irritated as Doppo continues to speak.

The dangerous death row inmate can no longer control his anger and decided to make his first move. Unfortunately, before his attack landed on his opponent’s body, Doppo already prepared a combination of powerful blows that sent Doyle to the ground unconscious. Unlike in his first appearance, Baki Season 3 Episode 19 showed that Doyle is not in a perfect shape to fight anymore.

Aside from the damage taken by his body, Doyle has also lost one of his eyes in his previous encounter with Retsu. Doyle woke up in the dojo where a burned Katsumi and his students are in. Katsumi wanted him to admit defeat. Every time Doyle refused, Katsumi knocked him out. Katsumi’s final attack deformed Doyle’s face, but their physician still found a way to fix the problem.

When he regained consciousness, one of Katsumi’s students informed Doyle that his master already accepted that he won their battle. Katsumi’s actions gave Doyle more reasons to respect him and eventually force the dangerous criminal to admit that he is defeated.

Baki Season 3 Episode 19 also featured an intimate scene between Baki and Kozue. Kozue wrote a letter, asking Baki to find her. She has no idea that Baki already knows where she is about to go. The couple met in an old house where Baki formerly lives. Kozue told Baki that she will first take a bath, but the younger Hanma already wants to unleash the heat inside his body.

The final scenes of Baki Season 3 Episode 19 showed Mitsunari Tokugawa meeting with a very popular martial arts master named Kunimatsu. During their conversation, Kunimatsu revealed that he is the master of one of the death row inmates, Yanagi, an expert in poisoning who once defeated Baki.