Butler High School Shooting Leaves One Student In Critical Condition

Buttler High School is the latest scene of a school shooting. Currently, two students have been taken from the scene: one in police custody, the other, injured.

Few details are available at this time. The Independent provides a few details.

“”We have responded to a shooting at Butler High School this morning. There is one student that has been shot that was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries at this time,” the city’s police force said in a post on Facebook. “

Buttler High School is in a city called Matthews, 10 miles southeast of Charlotte. Parents are currently awaiting information from the police about when they can pick up their children. The location will be the Elevation Church on East Independence Boulevard in Matthews.

In the past, Donald Trump has refused to consider gun control legislation, repeating his mantra that the problem is not with guns. In a suggestion that seems to be in the best interest of the NRA, Trump has proposed we arm teachers. The suggestion has been met with significant pushback from teachers unions.

The article goes on to provide a few more details about the altercation.

“Police Supt Clayton Wilcox said during a press conference outside the school, that the suspected shooter, himself a student had been wounded, and was at that time undergoing surgery.

“Mr Wilcox said the shooting occurred after a disagreement between two students. The disagreement occurred in a hallway and there were “many kids in the hallways when it took place”, he said, according to the Charlotte Observer. “

The good news is that this does not appear to have been a premeditated shooting. But in some ways, that is even more ominous. The fact that a simple clash between students in a hall could lead to gun violence means that a gun was in place and undetected.

According to local law enforcement, there is no further danger at this time. That allows the parents of these particular students to breathe a sigh of relief. But this is just one of what seems to be an epidemic of such incidents.

This shooting comes a little more than 24 hours after a string of violent hate crimes. There was the racially motivated shooting at Kroger, politically motivated mail bombs, and religiously motivated shootings by a confessed white supremacist at a Jewish synagogue.

Any one of these events in isolation would have been reason enough to take stock in the state of our nation. Add a random school shooting just 48 hours later, and it makes the stakes that much higher for the upcoming midterm election.

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