After Winning The World Series, Red Sox Fans In Dodger Stadium Celebrating By Chanting ‘Yankees Suck’

Boston Red Sox fans never forget what’s deepest in their heart, even minutes after winning the World Series: hating the Yankees.

As Fox returned for its broadcast for Game 5 of the World Series in the moments after the Red Sox clinched the series, the many Boston fans scattered throughout Dodger Stadium could be heard in unison for a chant of “Yankees suck!” The moment was a hit with baseball fans, many of whom took to Twitter to laugh at how Red Sox fans never seem to forget their top rivals.

Red Sox fans were very well represented in Los Angeles throughout the World Series, with a large contingent of Boston faithful cheering their team on and at times rivaling the Dodger fan counterparts. The Red Sox fans were also quick to break out the “Yankees suck” chant during the series, with Jon Heyman tweeting that fans burst into the chant after winning Game 4 and Barstool Sports hearing Red Sox fans using the chant throughout Game 5 as well.

Though the Yankees were on the other side of the country when the Red Sox closed out their fourth World Series in the last 14 years, the team did make an appearance in the torrid postseason run for the Sox. Boston tangled with the Yankees to open the postseason, defeating their AL East rival in four games in the American League Divisional Series. Though the series wasn’t particularly competitive, it did help spur more bad blood between the franchises.

After the Yankees won Game 2, their star outfielder, Aaron Judge, trolled the Red Sox by blasting the song “New York, New York” on a boombox as he walked past the Red Sox clubhouse. The Yankees would not win another game that series.

For Boston Red Sox fans, there’s never a bad time to break out the “Yankees suck” chant, even when their rival isn’t present. Earlier this season, when the Red Sox hosted the New York Mets for an inteleague series, the fans of both teams engaged in a bit of back-and-forth in the stands, exchanging chants mocking their respective teams.

But fans of both teams found a moment of unity as they joined together in chanting “Yankees suck.” The moment was featured in the Mets’ broadcast of the game, to the delight of the team’s announcers.

Red Sox fans will get another chance to break out the “Yankees suck” chant later this week when the team returns to Boston for the World Series Championship parade.

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