Kanye West Calls For Black People To Leave The Democratic Party In ‘Blexit’ Movement

Kanye West has made waves with his support of President Donald Trump. His visit to the Oval Office at the White House last month and the comments he made during that visit drew critics and supporters alike. The two are believed to have spoken about criminal justice reform, the 13th amendment, and prison labor. He provided gifts in the form of custom MAGA hats to Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and President Trump. Each included a unique phrase created by West that was related to their political focus.

Undeterred by his critics, West has now launched a clothing design referred to as “Blexit” that encourages black people to exit the Democratic Party. Page Six reported that he revealed the design at Turning Point USA’s recent Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington. West did not attend but was there “in spirit” according to Candace Owens, the organization’s Communications Director. Owens described the Blexit movement as a “renaissance” created by her “dear friend and fellow superhero Kanye West,” adding that the musician “has taken one of the boldest steps in America to open a conversation we have needed to have.” Owens’ reference to West as a “superhero” is likely a reference to his statement during his Oval Office visit that wearing a Make America Great Again hat makes him feel like Superman.

The T-shirts bearing the new design come in three colors: traffic cone orange, teal, and muted lavender. Buyers have a choice of two logos: one that says “Blexit” or one that says “We Free.” Caps are also available with similar designs. They are part of the launch of Blexit.com, which publishes testimonials from black people who have already left the Democratic Party. Chicago and Philadelphia will be among Blexit event host cities in 2019 according to Owens, who said, “The Blexit movement will spend 2019 holding rallies in every major city in America that the Democrats have destroyed.” She went on to explain the movement’s view of the experience minorities have had with the Democratic Party.

“Blexit is a national movement of minorities that have awakened to the truth. It is for those who have taken an objective look at our decades-long allegiance to the left and asked ourselves ‘what do we have to show for it?'”

As reported by Spin, in an apparent diversion from his recent outspoken support of the Republican Party and dismay with the Democratic Party, Kanye West donated $73,000 to Amara Enyia, Democratic candidate for mayor of Chicago.

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