Brian Kemp Under Fire For Taking Selfies With Man Who Makes Instructional Videos On How To Shoot Black People

Brian Kemp, the Republican nominee running for Georgia’s governor, is under fire for taking selfies with James J. Stachowiak, a white nationalist who has been convicted multiple times and is known for being the man who makes instructional videos on how to shoot black people — including children and women — in the back.

Stachowiak, who is a member of the Nationalist Liberty Union, has also made unceremonious stops at campaign events of Kemp challenger Stacey Abrams, threatening voters to vote for Kemp or face the consequences of a rising militant movement. During her campaign stop in Augusta back in September, Stachowiak descended on the assembled group of women veterans with his fellow white nationalists and lectured the women about their duties to the United States. The Root reported that he brandished placards reading “Kemp for Governor” and protested in favor of Confederate monuments. The publication reported that Stachowiak was so demeaning in front of the women campaigning for Stacey Abrams that it was worth giving a “Purple Heart” to the women simply for not resorting to violence after listening to his rants.

It appears it is nothing new for Stachowiak. The white nationalist, who is a leading member of his hate group, regularly posts instructional videos on how to shoot black people. A self-confessed critic of the Black Lives Matter movement, Stachowiak can be seen instructing on how to shoot black children and women in the back.

When Stachowiak made the news for yelling at black veteran women at a Stacey Abrams campaign event, many expected Brian Kemp to disavow the alt-right activist because of his penchant for violence and crime. But Kemp never disavowed him, leading to uncomfortable suggestions in the media that Kemp does not mind such antics by right-wing supporters if it helps to keep minority Georgia voters from exercising their votes. In fact, Rolling Stone reported earlier this week about Kemp telling donors at a ticketed event that he was concerned about Georgians “exercising their right to vote.”

And now, in what could dent Kemp’s chances against Abrams even further, a selfie showing the Republican with Stachowiak at an event in Augusta has surfaced, once again raising pertinent questions about Kemp’s support of white hate groups.

Although Kemp has come under fire for his repeated efforts to disenfranchise a ton of voters in Georgia, his association with Stachowiak, a bonafide member of a white hate group, could seriously hamper his chances in the upcoming gubernatorial race against Abrams. The Democrat will at least hope that Kemp’s murky associations come back to haunt him.

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