Shy Ariana Grande Rocks Ridiculously Oversized Jacket While Buried In Fog

As one of the world’s most recognizable entertainment personalities, Ariana Grande certainly knows how to make an impression, frequently posting provocative images of herself to social media. Today, however, the starlet took a turn down a different aesthetic avenue, preferring to duck the camera and to cover herself up to the nth degree.

Posting a snapshot to Instagram just over an hour ago as of the writing of this article, Grande can be seen wearing a bright white jacket that appears to be three or four sizes too large for the spritely starlet. With her jacket being opened fairly wide and slumping over one exposed shoulder, Grande is literally enveloped by the garment. Underneath, she is wearing a white t-shirt — also oversized — bearing a bit of black text. With one free hand, the “God Is a Woman” singer flashes the peace sign in front of her face, which is turned away from the camera.

The stage performer is backgrounded by a thick, soupy fog which seems to hang over a forest canopy. For her part, Grande appears to be on a roof or a raised walkway of some sort, constructed of a flat gray stone. The overall composition of the photo is dominated by monochromatic tones — the fog, the jacket, the t-shirt, and the stonework of the structure on which Grande stands all contributing in equal measure.

Ariana Grande has been featured in headlines lately for her well-publicized breakup with former fiance Pete Davidson. As Metro details, the parting of ways between Grande and Davidson was fairly messy, with Davidson having changed his phone number and neither individual wanting to get in touch with the other in the aftermath.

For his part, Davidson seems to feel quite low after the collapse of their shared relationship, saying as much during a recent comedy show that he participated in.

“[I feel like] a good guy that just keeps getting kicked in the d**k.”

Ariana Grande has been fairly reticent to speak out publicly on the subject, as Elle relays. Preferring to take in her new reality on a day by day basis rather than expunging all of her private affairs publicly, Grande instead seems to be wanting to focus on her professional career — “burying herself in work” according to a source.

Just days after she and Pete Davidson — who is a notable comedian and contributor to Saturday Night Live — ended their relationship, Grande performed at the taping for A Very Wicked Halloween Special. The special airs on October 29, according to Billboard.