Olivia Culpo Rocks Sexy Skin-Tight Yellow Dress In Exotic Montenegro Snapshot

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American model and actress Olivia Culpo took to popular social media platform Instagram recently to share a killer vacation snapshot with her enormous fan base. Part of her European vacation earlier this year, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the snapshot was taken just after her breakup with boyfriend Danny Amendola — wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins. This could explain the emotion captured in the image, with Culpo conveying a sense of confident charm.

In the image, the former Miss Universe reclines on some light-colored stonework, the seams of which are speckled with moss. She is wearing a very tight yellow dress that exposes her toned and tanned midriff and that hugs her chest and hips provocatively. The pattern on the dress seems to be one of slightly irregular red and peach circles, complimentary tones that help to offer a warming effect on the bright fabric.

Her legs thrust outwards from the low hemline of the dress, her feet clad in slight crimson heels with a pointed toe — matching the accent color in her garment. Well manicured hands support her slight figure, nails painted a stark white that contrasts against the faded stones she reclines upon.

Culpo’s makeup is impeccable here, perfectly sculpted eyebrows and plump lips painted a bright fire-engine red. Her signature chestnut tresses have a slight wave to them as they fall about her neck and shoulders, nary a hair astray. Her expression, one of coy and complete confidence, helps to lend a further note of feminine attitude to the composition.

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The actress is framed by a beautifully picturesque scene, with serene waters and mountainous terrain extending into the distance. Modest dwellings in the form of concrete apartment complexes appear at the leftmost fringe of the photographic frame, while what appears to be a small stone bulwark juts in from the right. Trees and other foliage carpet the majority of the landscape, which in conjunction with the aforementioned moss and other foliage conjures a sense of the pastoral — the untouched and unspoiled.

It seems as if the fracture with Danny Amendola was a temporary one, however, as the two are now seemingly back together. As Elle details, the pair have shared a somewhat tumultuous romantic relationship, but appear to be happy at the moment. Four days ago, Culpo shared an image to Instagram showing the two of them together at the beach, sharing a bit of fun in the sun. Smiling with her eyes — while her beau smiled broadly — the model was pictured in a white bandeau and wet hair while her famous boyfriend reclined shirtless.

Will another breakup precipitate a photographic response like the one that Culpo posted from the shores of Montenegro earlier this year? Only time will tell, but for now, Culpo and Amendola seem to be more than happy together.