Bombing Suspect Cesar Sayoc Threatened To Infect Fellow Exotic Dancer With HIV, ‘TMZ’ Reports

Cesar Sayoc, the ardent Trump fan who is suspected of being behind the mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats earlier this week, threatened to infect and kill fellow exotic dancers during his time as a stripper, reports TMZ.

As more details emerge about Sayoc’s past in the days after his arrest, a tumultuous history of a man who fell hook, line, and sinker for right-wing conspiracy theories — many of whom were peddled by Donald Trump himself — appears to be taking shape. The Inquisitr reported earlier that Sayoc had worked as a stripper in the 1990s, and now TMZ reports that Sayoc displayed behavioral problems and an affinity for violence even in those days.

According to the publication, Sayoc would threaten his fellow exotic dancers with HIV. Although the reasons for him threatening his colleagues with HIV and even murder are not exactly clear at this point, the report suggests that Sayoc would fly into a rage on a number of occasions because some of his fellow strippers would make more money than him or would receive more attention.

In one instance, Sayoc got so angry with an exotic dancer that “he taped tuna can lids to the bottom of his boots and threatened to stomp the dancer’s face and cut him up.” When people still didn’t take him seriously, he promised them that he would take “the guy out.”

Sayoc is an ardent Trump fan who believed in debunked conspiracy theories peddled by alt-right media.

TMZ has also obtained a video which shows the suspected MAGA bomber wiring accessories to light up costumes he would wear as a stripper during his time with Gold Productions. In retrospect, it appears Sayoc was always adept at electrical fixes, especially as it becomes clearer that the suspect made the crude pipe bombs he allegedly mailed to the Democrats himself.

Sayoc also has a checkered history as far as his political ideology is concerned. Not only was he in the books of law enforcement for minor offenses, but his previous boss also said that Sayoc would go on rants where he would talk about annihilating Jews, blacks, and gays. He even told his boss that she would go to “hell” for being homosexual.

The 56-year-old Florida man, who has currently been charged with five federal felonies including interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former presidents and certain other persons, threatening interstate communications and assaulting current and former federal officers, can expect a 58-year-long prison sentence if found guilty, as reported by Newsweek.

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