Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Rocks A Tiny String Bikini On Secluded Beach

Swimsuit Illustrated model Camille Kostek hit the social media scene just moments ago to share an absolutely sizzling picture with her fans and followers on Instagram.

In the image, Kostek can be seen posing — perhaps stretching — on a beautiful fine sand beach. She is encapsulated in long shadows cast by rocky outcroppings that encircle the crescent-shaped beach, lending the photograph a bit of a darker composition than many of her fans might be used to. Wearing a dark brown string bikini that leaves little to the imagination, the former cheerleader strikes a strange pose. With her right leg tilted at an angle to her hips, and her foot raised delicately to display the arch of her foot, it appears as if Kostek is getting into an exercise pose. Her gaze is directed beyond the camera, seemingly focused elsewhere.

Her arms akimbo, hands resting just above her hips, the model appears ready for action. Great expanses of her tanned and toned body are revealed to the audience, and her messy, platinum blonde tresses cascade over her shoulders and her chest. The placid shoreline flows just beyond her planted feet, and not a single soul shares the space with her on the secluded beach.

Camille Kostek recently made headlines for being named a notable rookie model for the upcoming 2019 Swimsuit Illustrated collection, as previously reported on by the Inquisitr. As Sports Illustrated details, Kostek was headed to Kangaroo Island in South Australia as of four days ago to participate in her spread for this year, so it can be presumed that this is the location for today’s sun-and-shade photo shoot.

While admirers of the blonde beauty may have to wait some time yet for the glossy magazine picture featuring their favorite swimsuit model, her fans and followers on Instagram were subject to no such restriction. Since having gone live a little over an hour ago as of the writing of this article, her post has accrued over 13,000 likes and over 70 comments. The vast majority of comments are complimentary, harping on Kostek’s figure and natural beauty.

In a recent profile of Camille Kostek, Yahoo! News detailed her past, present, and future — focusing on her relationship with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, as well as her aspirations in modeling. Containing a cute quote from Gronkowski about half-way through the copy, it’s eminently clear that her beau is extremely proud of her.

“It feels just unreal to say my girl is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model… It’s just unreal the work she’s been putting in and the workouts she’s been doing to stay in shape… to keep the booty juicy! She’s always been putting in the work and always the time, and she definitely deserves it.”

Besides her relationship with the NFL star, it seems that Kostek is well on the way to achieving — and surpassing — her childhood dreams. Wanting to appear as a model for Sports Illustrated — and a role model for women in general — for most of her life, it looks like Kostek is poised to cross both goals off the list in the years to come.