As Apple Prepares For New iPad Unveiling October 30, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Justin Sullivan Getty Images

There may be a lot of debate between Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Apple iPhone users about which device is the most elite, but since the release of the 2017 model iPad Pro, Apple has been all but declared king of the tablet world. Websites like TechRadar mark the iPad Pro as the single best tablet on the market, and they’re far from the only publication with that opinion.

The specs for Apple’s 2017 iPad Pro included a 10.5-inch display, or an optional mammoth 12.9 inch display. Apple customers expressed much satisfaction with the device’s impressive 120Hz display, multi-touch surface, sleek design, touch sensitivity, screen with minimal reflectivity, and impressive display of vivid color.

But perhaps the most loved feature was the pairing of the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, a $100 stylus that does far more than the average comparable product. Customers and critics generally felt the high price tag was worth every penny.

So how will Apple step its game up after the industry changing 2017 model of iPad Pro? We won’t find out until Tuesday, October 30.

With that said, it should be noted that much information about the upcoming iPad Pro announcement has already been leaked, according to MacWorld. While such leaks will obviously neither be confirmed nor denied by Apple until Tuesday, they’re also fairly difficult to dispute, considering some of them apparently come from anonymous insiders at Apple.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Right now, Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch starts at $699 on; however, that price is expected to increase, but why?
  • The upcoming iPad Pro is expected to be completely redesigned, similar to how the iPhone X model was a huge departure from its predecessor. As the iPhone X went up in price due to the upgraded specs, so too will the 2018 iPad Pro, according to reports.
  • No more lightning cable. This is perhaps the most interesting news of all. According to leaks, Apple is doing away with their flagship lightning cable for the upcoming iPad Pro and changing over to USB-C, which will reportedly charge the new device faster than its predecessor.
  • It appears likely the new iPad Pro will, like the iPhone X and Xs model iPhones, ditch the bezels and home buttons, allowing for a slightly larger display, in terms of usability. This is definitely good news for graphic designers who do some or all of their work from an iPad Pro (an increasingly common trend).
  • Apple Pencil 2 appears all but inevitable to appear alongside the 2018 iPad Pro. Rumors indicate it may have a magnetic capability to latch onto the iPad Pro, where its predecessor did not. Furthermore, rumors have abounded that it may contain differently shaped, interchangeable tips. Currently, the Apple Pencil only has one type of rubber tip, which does need replacing after heavy usage. Each model of the original Apple Pencil came with 2 tips, after that consumers have to buy them.
  • The headphone jack is not likely to disappear from the 2018 iPad Pro, regardless of the fact that Apple did away with them on their phones. This may be a smart move, considering the removal of the headphone jack was one of the more controversial decisions in iPhone history.

To find out more about the upcoming iPad Pro, be sure to check out Apple’s announcement Tuesday, where all the current rumors will either be confirmed or denied and find out if the people at Apple may still have a few total surprises up their sleeves.