Democratic Congressional Aide Says She Warned Twitter About Threats From Cesar Sayoc, They Did Not

Rochelle Ritchie, a former Democratic congressional aide, warned Twitter about a threat that she received from Cesar Sayoc earlier this month. Sayoc is accused of mailing 13 pipe bombs to top Democrats and others whom Donald Trump frequently targeted, according to the Inquisitr.

Ritchie took to Twitter and posted that she had reported an account purportedly linked to Sayoc, telling them that he had threatened her after she appeared on Fox News. The former spokeswoman for the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office, who now works as a Fox News political analyst, tweeted that Twitter found that the threat was not serious.

The tweet has since gone viral with over 70,000 retweets and over 150,000 people liking her post. Ritchie posted a screenshot of the threat that Sayoc allegedly wrote to her on October 11, fifteen days before the first pipe bomb was sent. Ritchie felt that the tone of the message warranted her reporting the matter to Twitter. She also posted a screenshot of Twitter’s reply to her complaint.

“So you like make threats. We Unconquered Seminole Tribe will answer your threats. We have nice silent Air boat ride for u here on our land Everglades Swamp. We will see you 4 sure. Hug your loved ones real close every time you leave home.”

Twitter responded to Ritchie’s complaint by thanking her and telling her that while they had reviewed her complaint, they found that the account holder was not in contravention of the Twitter Rules against abusive behavior. The account, which is being linked by media reports to Sayoc, shows plenty of photos of Sayoc at pro-Trump events.

The social media platform then changed their tune in the early hours of Saturday, October 27. They apologized to Ritchie and said that the Twitter account, purportedly belonging to Sayoc, had been suspended.

Since posting on social media, Ritchie has appeared on CNN and told the host that she was angry because she had reported this to Twitter.

“Is it gonna take the bomb going off? Is it going to take my body, or your body, or somebody else’s body being found in the swamp of the Everglades in order for Twitter or other social media websites to take this stuff seriously?”

“This was a serious threat.”

Ritchie also pointed out that she was not even a high-profile person, and does not have the resources that the Obamas or Clintons have when they were targeted. Twitter has since apologized and while Ritchie accepts their apology, she said that changes need to be made when people report these types of incidents.

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