Alexander Barter Arrested For Allegedly Posting Online To Find Young Girl To Kill And Eat

A 21-year-old man from Texas man is being accused of accessing the dark web and using it for something especially dark and twisted. A report from Fox News states that Alexander Nathan Barter was arrested on October 19 by the FBI for allegedly posting on the dark web that he needed some assistance in finding a young girl to make his cannibalistic and necrophiliac dreams come true.

In the ad posted, Barter allegedly provided two encrypted email addresses for willing participants to respond to his request.

News station KTRE reports that an undercover law enforcement officer responded to Barter’s initial request, posing as the father of a young girl, and offered his daughter to help Barter fulfill his desires. Barter reportedly responded to the undercover officer asking, “How old is your daughter?” and “Can we kill her?”

According to an affidavit filed in Shelby County, the Texas Department of Public Safety launched an investigation into Barter after he posted the advertisement on the dark web. The affidavit includes disturbing details about the exchange in which Barter allegedly described exactly how he wanted to execute his plan to kill the underage girl, have sexual intercourse with her body, and eventually consume her remains.

In the series of emails exchanged, he orchestrated a meeting with the “father-daughter” pair, after which he would take the girl back to the hotel in Joaquin. Barter also told the undercover agent that after the exchange, he should return home to Florida and report his daughter had run away.

“I’m not going to change my mind about this,” Barter allegedly wrote in one exchange. “I really want to do this.”

As Barter was preparing to leave his home to attend the meet-up, he was arrested by authorities. At the time of the arrest, he was carrying a plastic trash bag and a knife, according to KTRE. Barter was identified after authorities subpoenaed the internet service provider he used to send and receive the messages, the affidavit says.

Barter attended the Joaquin High School and later attended Panola College, according to The Light and Champion. He also formerly held a position with a local ministry and as a laborer at a food processing plant, as reported by HuffPost.

The arrested suspect is currently being held at the Shelby County Jail. He is being charged with “first-degree criminal solicitation, second-degree attempted capital murder, first-degree conspiracy to commit capital murder and second-degree attempted sexual performance of a child,” according to the Ottawa Sun.

District Attorney Stephen Shires said Barter will not be allowed to post bond.

“The dark web, and the individuals that operate there, pose a continued and increasing threat to the safety of our children,” Shires said.

“Jurisdiction, geography, and distance serve as a minimal, if any, impediment to some very terrible activities. In this matter, Law Enforcement mounted an effective and integrated effort to deal with this situation.”

“This terrible incident is another reminder that parents should always remain vigilant and know what their children are doing on the network,” he continued.

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