Cesar Sayoc Jr. Pictures: Viral Photos Show Bombing Suspect’s Truck Covered In Trump Bumper Stickers

Cesar Sayoc Jr. has been arrested for allegedly mailing bombs to top Democrats, and now viral pictures of the Florida man’s truck appear to show a devotion to Donald Trump — and a hatred of the media.

The 56-year-old was arrested Friday by police for allegedly sending a series of bombs sent by mail to top Democrats, including Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton. As NBC News reported, the arrest came just hours after another bomb was found sent to Senator Cory Booker. All of the targets of the attempted bombings — including the New York offices of CNN — were frequent critics of Donald Trump.

The arrest of Cesar Sayoc Jr. has sent many trying to find details about the alleged bomber, including pictures of him. Aside from a mughshot of the 56-year-old that was released on Friday, another picture shared in news reports could offer a clue as to his motives — a white van with the windows completely plastered in right-wing bumper stickers, many expressing devotion to Donald Trump.

One of the pictures on a side window of Sayoc’s van appeared to show a picture of Donald Trump’s face inserted into the presidential seal. Law enforcement officials described the van as being covered with “right-wing paraphernalia.”

Other stickers echoed many of the frequent sentiments that Trump shares toward the media. One of the stickers read “Dishonest Media,” while another said “CNN Sucks.” Trump frequently takes aim at CNN, even having his campaign send out an email to supporters which criticized the network in the hours after the bomb was found in CNN’s New York offices. A spokesperson for the Trump campaign apologized, saying that the email had been pre-programming to go out.

Other reports noted that Sayoc was a registered Republican, and has a history of allegedly making threats. As the New York Post reported, he had previously been arrested in New York for terrorist threats and domestic violence, though it is not clear if his past incidents were politically motivated.

While police have not yet released a motive for Cesar Sayoc Jr.’s alleged bombings, the pictures of the van appeared to point to right-wing extremism. In the days after the bombings, many conservative media figures had posited a theory that the bombing attempts may have been carried out by liberals in an attempt to garner sympathy and to gain an edge in the upcoming midterm elections.

Other clues about Cesar Sayoc Jr. may come from his social media accounts. His LinkedIn page claims that his grandfather was a martial arts practitioner who developed a fighting style used to fight the Communist Party of the Philippines.

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