Donald Trump Hints ‘Bomb’ Attacks Against Top Democrats Are Ploy To Take Attention From Republican Voting

Donald Trump appeared to cast doubt on the motive for a series of bombs mailed to top Democrats and other frequent targets of his anger, complaining on Friday that the incidents are taking attention away from Republican “momentum” leading into the critical midterm elections.

Trump has been sharply criticized for his response to the bombs sent to a number of his frequent targets, including Barack Obama and the New York offices of CNN, and drew more criticism for a tweet that many interpreted as feeding into conspiracy theories that the bombings are a hoax. Trump wrote that Republicans were “doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this ‘Bomb’ stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows.”

The statement was slammed for appearing to feed into the conspiracy theories among conservatives that the bombings were actually orchestrated by liberals in an attempt to gain an edge in the upcoming election. A number of other conservative personalities have claimed, without evidence, that the bombings may be a “false flag” attack meant to garner sympathy.

Trump had already been slammed for his lack of response to the attempted bombings, with reports that he had not called the people who were targeted to express sympathies, and made no official statement from the Oval Office, only addressing the attempted attacks at a campaign rally and a brief statement to reporters at a White House event.

Trump only briefly addressed the bombings on Twitter, offering a three-word response to Vice President Mike Pence’s tweet condemning the bombing — saying “I wholeheartedly agree!”

But Trump quickly shifted, placing partial blame on the media for what he claimed was fostering hostility. Trump was also slammed for his campaign sending out an email to supporters blasting CNN just hours after a bomb was discovered at the network. Campaign officials claimed that the email had been scheduled to go out, but it was not rescinded in the wake of the attempted bombing.

Amid the criticism, the White House defended Trump’s response, trying to re-focus the discussion on the attempted attacks themselves.

“Let’s not get lost in who is responsible for this heinous act,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a Thursday appearance on Fox & Friends.

“It is the person who made and sent these suspicious packages.”

Donald Trump’s tweet came just a little more than an hour before authorities announced that a suspect had been arrested in the bombings.

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