Kidnappers Crave McDonald’s, Force Abducted Driver To Pick Up Food

A security van driver in New Zealand was abducted by three men and allegedly forced to drive to McDonald’s. All three men involved in the crime have been charged with kidnapping.

The Armourguard driver told authorities that he was approached by three men in Waitara early Wednesday morning. According to Newstalk ZB, the criminals forced the man to drive to New Plymouth in order to get breakfast from McDonald’s.

In an effort to keep things to escalating, the 20-year-old driver followed the demands of his kidnappers and drove them to the restaurant. Once the kidnappers had the food, they ordered the man to drive them back home.

TVNZ reports that authorities are unclear what motives the abductors had beyond taking a trip to McDonald’s. None of the individuals involved with the kidnapping were carrying weapons at the time of the incident. Police said no money was taken from the security van.

Authorities also said it’s unclear if the employees at the fast food restaurant were aware of what was happening to the driver.

According to MSN, the driver was shaken after his encounter with the hungry criminals. He soon alerted police about the situation. In order to help settle his nerves, authorities offered victim counseling for the young man.

All three men have been arrested for the abduction and charged with kidnapping.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for McDonald’s restaurants in New Zealand. The New Zealand Herald explains that a location in Auckland was recently damaged when a woman drove her car through a window.

Since it was still early in the morning, nobody inside the restaurant at the time of the accident. However, the 65-year-old driver was treated for injuries at the scene.

What do you think about the guys who kidnapped a security van driver and forced him to drive to a McDonald’s for food?

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