Donald Trump Claims He Rarely Uses A Cell Phone, Makes Claim Via Twitter Posts Coming From An iPhone

New reporting detailing President Donald Trump’s alleged iPhone use has him lashing out via Twitter Thursday morning. Sources have said that both the Russians and the Chinese have been listening in on the president’s phone calls made via his personal unsecured phone and now Trump is trying to change the narrative on this viral story.

As the Inquisitr detailed, the New York Times has reported that President Donald Trump has refused to give up his personal iPhone, despite security concerns. He is said to prefer that phone over the more restrictive government-approved ones because it has all of his personal contacts in it. However, as a result, it leaves his conversations frighteningly open to interference via other countries.

It quickly became clear Thursday morning that the president did not care for this NYT report. In one tweet early in the morning, he said that he only has one government phone that he seldom uses. In a tweet a few hours later, he noted again that he rarely uses a cell phone at all and he claims that when he does, it’s one authorized by the government.

One issue with these claims, which was quickly noted by many users across Twitter and detailed via the Independent, is that both of those tweets were posted via an iPhone. This can be checked by using Tweetdeck, which reveals what kind of device was used to put up the post. In this case, both of Trump’s tweets were done using iPhones.

People have also pointed out that Trump is not a computer user. His love of tweeting is well-documented, but these posts of the president’s on Thursday morning leave many wondering just how he tweets if he rarely uses a cell phone as he claims and he is known not to use computers either. As Slate recently detailed, the president reportedly doesn’t use a computer at all, and sometimes uses an iPad which he refers to as “the flat one.”

While Trump seems to be asserting that he doesn’t use any iPhones frequently at all, Axios previously reported that his official, government-approved cellphone does have one application installed: Twitter. Given that, there may be some hope that his frequent tweeting is at least done via a secure phone.

However, the idea that Trump rarely uses a cell phone at all seems inconsistent with previous reports. Even his wife Melania admitted recently, as People noted, that she does occasionally ask him to put his phone down.

In addition, Omarosa, who has been sharing plenty of insightful tidbits since leaving the administration, said via Twitter that the president hates his government-issued cell phone, feeling it’s “buggy.” Rather, she tweeted, he is almost always using his personal iPhone.

It’s doubtful that President Donald Trump will acknowledge these inconsistencies in his claims, as he rarely backs down from anything he has asserted. Sources say that this situation has left aides and insiders flabbergasted, but it doesn’t sound as if they’ve had much success getting him to change his habits on this front.

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