New Jersey’s Dastardly Dirty Diaper Dumper Has Finally Been Caught

Everyone knows that crime is a nasty business. But those living in the State of New Jersey have learned the hard way that crime also stinks. For most of a year, someone has been taking a dump on New Jersey roads in the form of loaded diapers. Local police finally sniffed him out as reported by Fox News.

“William Friedman, 68, was spotted in a box truck dropping a load of soiled diapers on the road near Routes 47 and 40 in Gloucester County around 3:15 a.m. Sunday, Franklin Township Police said.

At least three times a week, Friedman would dump the diapers in one area before changing locations and times, making it difficult for officers to catch the suspect, police told Southern New Jersey’s Vineland Daily Journal.”

Friedman has been apprehended and questioned. But it is not clear what his motivation was for doing it, nor was there any mention of his mental state. The 68-year-old grandfather was dumping the disposable diapers of his grandchild. He could have just thrown them away.

Friedman’s statement to the police does not do much to clear up the situation. According to Friedman, the diaper dumping was a game he played by avoiding police detection.

crashed motorcycle

Unfortunately, this game has real consequences. The police mentioned an accident related to this game. On June 24, a motorcyclist slid on a plastic bag full of dirty diapers that resulted in a crash. Car accidents are dangerous enough. But for motorcyclists, crashes are often fatal. When they are not fatal, they can result in more serious injuries.

There is no evidence that Mr. Friedman had any intent to injure anyone. But it is clear that the adolescent behavior was ill-conceived. Beyond the immediate threat of injury and the sanitation hazard, Friedman’s actions set a poor example for actual adolescents to follow.

This diaper dumping ritual happened at a minimum of three times a week. There must have been some discernible pattern as police were finally able to anticipate where he would dump next. That is how they ultimately caught him.

Determining the penalty for the crime is all that remains. Friedman has been charged with interference of transportation and has received numerous traffic tickets. In the case of the motorcyclist, it is conceivable that Friedman could face a civil suit for damages and wrongful injury.

As a public service reminder, always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Tossing items from a moving vehicle is not only a crime but a life-threatening act of irresponsibility.

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