Prince Charles Hosted Nigerian Fashion Designers In Preparation For His Visit To Africa

According to Punch, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla invited a multitude of African artists and creatives into their home on October 24. Two included guests were Nigerian fashion designers. Other guests were “entrepreneurs, actors and actresses, musicians, [and] opinion leaders.”

Prince Charles and his wife were able to see some of the designers’ work that will be modeled at Lagos Fashion Week, which they included a picture of in their Instagram post about the event.

The party that they hosted was in lieu of Prince Charles and Camilla’s imminent trip to the three Commonwealth countries: Nigeria, The Gambia, and Ghana, which begins on October 31 and ends on November 8.

According to Graphic, the prince’s trip is “at the request and on behalf of the British government,” so that the relations between Britain and the three countries can be furthered and honored.

Additionally, after a recent announcement on the subject, Prince Charles will be handling the Commonwealth, having been passed the torch by his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Included in the trip will be “meetings with the leaders of the three countries” to talk about “the future of the Commonwealth.”

The trip is being praised by the leaders of Ghana, who have stated that they view their relationship with the United Kingdom as “fruitful.” This categorization is no surprise as the trip will largely focus on “enhancing trade and investment avenues” for West Africa and the UK.

While Prince Charles has not visited Ghana since 1977, he has been a vocal advocate for the Commonwealth and their relationship with the UK.

This meeting also comes at an appropriate time in consideration of Britain’s departure from the European Union in March. It is assumed that the UK wants to reassure the Commonwealth countries of a swift and flawless transition that will not affect their relationship.

These countries are not the only ones included in the Commonwealth of Nations, the goals of which include “economic development, democracy-building, free trade promotion, poverty reduction, health-care programs, and cultural exchange.” According to the Council on Foreign Relations, some of the other countries include South Africa, Rwanda, and Malaysia. It is unclear if Britain will mandate visits to the other countries within the Commonwealth. “Critics have called the Commonwealth institutions outmoded and ineffective,” which is clearly not the view of all, amidst Ghana’s statements about the upcoming visit.

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