Fox News To Hire Ex-Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown [Report]

The Fox News network is courting fresh faces for its ever-changing lineup, and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown could be among them.

A spokeswoman for Fox confirmed that discussions are happening to bring Brown to the network as a possible contributor. The rumor of his contributor’s spot was first reported by Politico on Wednesday.

This latest report seems to be a part of a broader house-cleaning initiative at Fox. Shortly following the 2012 election, the network began to sever ties with Karl Rove, after an embarrassing flopped election prediction, and vehement denial of President Obama’s re-election even after it was statistically determined that Mitt Romney would not recover. They ultimately decided to keep him on through the 2016 election.

Definitely cut loose was former Clinton adviser Dick Morris, whose contract was not renewed after its recent expiration. Insiders opine that his dismissal also had a lot to do with his failed election prediction. Morris will still be an occasional guest contributor for other networks.

The most publicly talked-about dismissal was probably that of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, who suggested to that she cut ties with Fox herself in order to continue “going rogue” and reach a wider audience on her own. However, MSN reports that Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes was already considering dumping Palin for announcing her 2012 election plans on a rival outlet.

Scott Brown lost to Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren during the 2012 elections, wrapping up his Senate career after two years. Since then, he has announced that he will not run for a third term, or attempt to seek Secretary of State John Kerry’s former Senate seat. Brown is beginning to build his post-Senate life in the private market, by joining the board of directors of Westford-based paper company Kadant Inc.

Kadant president Jonathan Painter is more than happy to have Brown on the team, saying that he welcomes the chance to draw on Brown’s “wealth of experience.” Brown himself says that he’s looking forward to “contributing to the future direction” of the company.

What do you think? Would Scott Brown be a good contributor for Fox News?

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