Fox News The Least Trusted Network Among Americans, Poll Finds

Fox News is the least trusted network, with a new survey finding that close to half of respondents don’t trust the information they get from the network.

The news comes from Public Policy Polling in its annual survey of how Americans view cable and broadcast news outlets. The results were actually quite mixed, painting Fox News as the least trusted overall and yet at the same time ranking it the highest for how many people “trust it the most.”

In all the survey paints Fox News as a polarizing news source. From Mediaite:

“For the first time since PPP has been conducting their news poll, more Americans said they do not trust the news broadcast by Fox News Channel than say they do: with 46 percent saying they do not trust FNC’s product compared to 41 percent who said they do. This ranks far behind the partially publicly-funded PBS, for example. 52 percent of respondents said they trust the news PBS broadcasts compared to 29 percent who said they do not trust it.

“When it comes to news outlets that Americans “trust the most” for news, FNC still beats all of its competitors. 34 percent say they trust Fox News more than any other source. 13 percent of respondents said that PBS is the network they trust most. CNN received the support of 12 percent of survey respondents, ABC received 11 percent, and MSNBC received 8 percent. 6 percent said they trusted CBS News the most, while NBC News and Comedy Central tied for last place with just 5 percent of respondents saying they trust those networks more than any other.”

While Fox News ranked the highest for the outlet people “trust the most,” it also finished first as the one people “trust the least.” Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they trust Fox News the least, compared to 14 percent of Americans who said the same of MSNBC. while 13 percent said CNN is the least trusted name in news, and 12 percent said that of Comedy Central.

Word that Fox News is the least trusted network comes as it makes some changes to its on-air team. The Associated Press noted that network was cutting ties to Dick Morris, who was criticized for his hyper partisan commentary, including a prediction that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 election in a blowout.

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