Two Middle School Girls Arrested After Planning To Kill 15 Students, Drink Their Blood, And Join Satan

Two young girls in a Polk County middle school were arrested and are facing serious charges after a plot was uncovered that would have had them murdering multiple classmates. The Florida city of Bartow is shocked by the gruesome details of the plot which detailed the two girls not only killing around 15 students but also scattering their body parts and drinking their blood.

According to Fox 13, the two girls, ages 11- and 12-years-old, brought numerous items to school that they were going to use as murder weapons. The girls came to Bartow Middle School with multiple knives, scissors, a pizza cutter, and even a goblet which would be used to hold the blood of fellow students that they were going to drink.

Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall said that the girls actually had a well-laid plan in place which included them seeking out students who were weaker than them.

“They wanted to kill at least 15 people and were waiting in the bathroom for opportunity to find smaller kids they could overpower to be their victims.”

The young girls actually worked up the entire plan over the past weekend and were said to be doing it in the name of Satanic worship.

Chief Hall went on to say that during interviews with the girls, they revealed they were “Satan worshipers” who were willing to drink the blood of students and “possibly eat flesh.” The girls said they had all intentions of “being with Satan” after following the plan that they put in place.

After the murders were to take place, the girls planned on stabbing themselves so that they could bleed out. Other than choosing students they could overpower, there was no real personal motivation held against any of those they were going to kill.

The main reason that the girls wanted to commit the mass murder is that they believed it was to give them a better chance of joining Satan, per Chief Hall.

“Killing all of these students was in hopes that it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide (they) would get to go to hell so they could be with Satan.”

All of the weapons brought to the school by the girls were tucked under their clothes on Tuesday. After one of the girls was reported missing from class, the assistant principal found them in a school bathroom where they were discussing the plan.

Another student also let a teacher know that one student advised her to avoid a certain area of the middle of school on the day of the attack due to the fact that “something bad was going to happen.” Once the teachers had heard that report, it was then realized that one of the girls was missing from class.

Bartow Middle School in Florida had no idea what kind of school week was ahead of them in this late part of October, but they surely didn’t expect this. With an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old student plotting to murder multiple students, drink their blood, and commit suicide, school staffers are hoping they never experience it again. Police were grateful that the other students and teachers did not keep quiet when they heard of possible danger.

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