CNN Explosive Device Came With Parody ISIS Flag And The Words ‘Get Er Done’

A new image of the explosive device sent to CNN on Tuesday shows that the package containing the bomb came with a parody ISIS flag that contains the words “Get ‘Er Done.” This is a famous comedy catchphrase used by Larry the Cable Guy, a parody character.

The flag is a satirical version of the ISIS flag, and it’s an image that’s been popular among right-wing supporters on the internet since 2014, according to NBC News. Rather than the usual Arabic characters, the flag features the silhouettes of three women clad in high heels in addition to the catchphrase.

World News Bureau, a parody site, originally created the flag image for a fake news article. The flag image has since turned into a popular meme. Parody images and fake news stories are a hallmark of the website, run by someone with the alias Scooter Van Neuter.

This person has not responded to media requests for comment about the explosive devices or the use of the parody flag.

The package appears to have also contained a picture of a person’s face, the identity of which is still unknown.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former President Barack Obama also received pipe bombs through the mail on Wednesday. Packages were also sent to Maxine Waters, George Soros, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and John Brennan. It’s unknown at this time whether more packages will be delivered Thursday.

So far, all of the suspicious packages have been intercepted by authorities, according to CNN. The packages have been sent to Quantico to be examined and tested by the FBI.

At least one of the devices, the one sent to CNN, was capable of detonating. It’s not known at this time how much damage may have resulted had it done so. None of the packages actually detonated, and the FBI is looking for the person who sent the packages. At this time, they believe all the packages were sent by the same person, according to the BBC.

Federal investigators are looking for another package that is believed to have been addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden.

All of the intended targets for the bombs have been singled out for criticism by Donald Trump. The President has routinely referred to CNN as “fake news,” and earlier this month praised a Congressman who body-slammed a reporter.

All of the packages were sent in large manila envelopes with bubble wrap and addressed with printed labels.

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