Marco Rubio Sends Campaign Email Blasting ‘Democrats’ Extremism’ Hours After Bomb Attacks Against Democrats

Marco Rubio’s campaign sent an email to voters calling Democrats extreme even as authorities work to intercept bombs targeting well-known liberal politicians. The tone-deaf letter from the senator’s campaign titled “It will only get worse” denounced “Democrats’ extremism,” according to Newsweek.

The Florida lawmaker’s email decried political partisanship and the destruction of the “political norms that once governed our politics.”

“Their extremism and obstruction have hijacked the Senate’s productivity for long enough, and if we do not prevent them from taking control, it will only get worse. I know this sounds overblown, but as someone who has been a recent target of Democrats’ extremism, I can assure you this is the daily reality we’re facing if we lose,” the email said.

The message hit voter email boxes as news continued to break on Wednesday about explosive devices arriving at offices and residences of high-profile liberal figures. So far, Democratic representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Maxine Waters received packages, but Schultz’s was intended for former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

The package intended for Holder had the wrong address on the label, so it was “returned” to Schultz, whose address was listed as the return address.

The New York CNN offices received a package, as did Hillary Clinton, George Soros, John Brennan, and former president Barack Obama.

Marco Rubio took to Twitter to denounce the attacks.

“An attack on an American who happens to be a Democrat, Republican or Independent is an attack on America. The terrorist behind this will soon find out that while a free people have politics that are conflictive, if you try to kill any of us you will have to face all of us,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

In a second tweet, he reiterated that he would “never accept terrorism” against any American.

Donald Trump called for “unity” in the wake of the bomb attacks, saying that acts of political violence are unacceptable. People have criticized Trump’s comments, pointing out his recent rhetoric, which includes veiled threats and divisive language to fire up audiences at rallies.

A few hours later, Rubio defended President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media and liberals, which some have pointed to as a potential driver for the bombing attempts. In a tweet, Rubio called Trump’s comments “criticism” and not “calling people to violence.” He pointed to the First Amendment of the constitution as justification for the president’s comments.

Marco Rubio hasn’t replied to requests for comment on his campaign email.

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