Taylor Swift Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage During Concert, Handles It Like A Pro

Paul KaneGetty Images

What’s a little wardrobe malfunction to a seasoned pro like Taylor Swift? Not very much, apparently.

The pop star ran into a bit of trouble at a concert in Australia this week when she tried to unzip her black bodysuit. As a report from Hollywood Life noted, Taylor was performing her song “King of My Heart” when she tried to make an on-the-fly wardrobe change and accidentally left the front of her bodysuit unzipped, revealing her black tank top underneath.

As the report noted, it took a few seconds for Taylor to notice the mistake and she quickly zipped back up, though some fans caught the moment on video when the pop superstar mouthed “Oops” on stage. The video spread quickly across the internet, and Taylor’s momentary clothing mishap seemed to be endearing to her fans.

This is now the second time in the past few months that Taylor Swift has been caught in a tricky wardrobe moment in front of fans. Back in May, she earned attention at the Billboard Music Awards by wearing a Versace gown with what Life & Style described as a “dangerously high slit.” As she stood on stage to accept an award for Best Female Artist of 2018, Taylor’s underwear could be seen by cameras — though only a little.

As the report noted, the momentary malfunction didn’t stop the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer from nailing her female-empowering speech.

“I haven’t been to an awards show in a few years and it is so nice to be here tonight,” she said. “And it’s so nice to receive Female Artist. I’m on an all-female artist stadium tour right now, so I have to start out by saying ‘thank you’ to my tourmates Charli XCX and Camila Cabello.”

Taylor then alluded to feeling like an outcast in the music industry, Life & Style noted.

“Thank you for making me feel understood again,” she told the crowd.

Both of the recent wardrobe malfunctions pale in comparison to some of the skin-baring snafus from other stars — many of whom were left much more fully exposed — it was still significant given Taylor Swift’s carefully crafted public image. The star has not been one to share risqué pictures on Instagram and is rarely seen in any kind of racy attire, so a wardrobe malfunction that only leaves her tanktop exposed would still be more significant for Taylor compared to her peers.