Blackmailer Who Poisoned Baby Food And Demanded Millions From Supermarkets Is Jailed

There is evil and then there is poisoning jars of baby food with enough antifreeze ingredient to ensure the child who eats it would die a slow and painful death.

The Mirror reports that a German man who was named by the courts only as Jochen S pleaded guilty to poisoning baby food and then blackmailing the supermarkets who were unwittingly selling the contaminated product.

The toxic blackmailer demanded the supermarkets coughed up to the tune of £10m. If they met his twisted demands he said he would identify the poisoned jars he had placed upon their shelves, if not, then it was a case of Russian roulette.

Prosecutors revealed that every contaminated jar contained enough poison to kill a child.

Fortunately, the blundering blackmailer was caught before things escalated. Investigators studied baby food jars for his DNA and identified him from CCTV footage.

Supermarkets hit by the venomous poisoner were located in the German city of Friedrichshafen. With murderous intent, the man would discretely plant jars of tampered baby food on the store’s shelves.

Their lethal component was an odorless toxic liquid used in antifreeze called ethylene glycol. The poison has a sweet taste attractive to children and animals.

None of the contaminated jars were sold and all tested positively for ethylene glycol.

Jochen S was arrested by a SWAT team whilst walking his dog. Chief prosecutor Peter Vobiller said is was only through a winning combination of good police work and “luck” that no babies were killed.

Jochen S told the court he had a borderline personality disorder. He also said he was addicted to painkillers and alcohol.

The court in Ravensburg heard from medical expert Hermann Assfalg who assessed the defendant and ruled out any mental disturbances.

Assfalg explained in the week leading up too the attack Jochen S was coldly calculating in regard to what he was doing. Nothing was done on impulse and nothing was left to chance. In Assfalg’s opinion, Jochen S displayed none of the characteristics of someone with a borderline personality disorder.

Uwe Stuermer of the Konstanz police agreed and said debt was the prime motive for Jochen S’s evil scheme.

“He had a failed life, a life of bankruptcy. He has failed with everything he has tackled in life. He had relationships which failed, they never came to marriage. It’s all about power and dominance for him.”

In his old neighborhood Jochen S was regarded as something of a loner who lived a withdrawn life.

One neighbor revealed, “He only really got along with his dog and his two rabbits Gin and Tonic.”

Jochen S was jailed for 12 years for attempted murder and attempted extortion.

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