Florida Man Falls To Death During Cruise Ship Bachelor Party

A 29-year-old Florida man fell to his death on a cruise ship just a few weeks before his wedding, according to People.

Christopher McGrory was headed to the Bahamas aboard Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s 1,680-passenger Grand Classica to celebrate his bachelor party with friends and his brother. On Friday night, McGrory fell on the cruise but it is unclear as of now how the incident precipitated. U.S. Coast Guard spokesman John Lally told the Palm Beach Post that he received information about a man falling on the ship at around 8 p.m. on Friday night, following which a crew set out toward the cruise. But the crew had to travel a distance of 13 miles to get to him, and although they brought him ashore, McGrory was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The news that McGrory died in such tragic circumstances rocked his fiancee Jessica Arnett, whom he was supposed to marry on December 1 of this year. Arnett’s grandmother, Jean, said the would-be bride has been left devastated with the news.

“How could it be?” she said. “He was the love of her life.”

Brian McGrory, Christopher’s father, declined to comment on his son’s tragic death, saying he was too overwhelmed to speak about it so soon.

McGrory, who worked at Wells Fargo, met his fiancee Jessica Arnett about four years ago in Tallahassee, where both were working after having graduated Florida State University, Jean Arnett said. They were in great spirits for their upcoming wedding, she said, and the tragedy would take a massive toll on her granddaughter.

The Florida man even relocated to Yulee, a community northwest of Jacksonville, where Jessica’s family has stayed for generations. The wedding was to take place in December in Yulee but now the families of the couple, who had been excited up until a couple of days ago, are grieving the death of the young man.

The Coast Guard said that it would not comment on how McGrory fell since the investigation into his death is open. As a result, the details of the incident remain sketchy.

But passengers on the ship recall hearing a “code blue” alert when he fell. Marcia Lehmann, who was on the ship with her husband, said that she thought someone had a heart attack.

“All we could see was pools and pools of blood and [part of] a white sheet,” Lehman continued. “He fell above us, so it had to have been either the 10th or 11th [deck].”

The cruise line refused to get into details on the matter but a spokesperson said that its “thoughts and prayers” were with the grieving families.

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