Emma Kenney Invites World To ‘F*** Fur’ In New PETA Campaign

Emma Kenney, famous for her roles in television shows such as Shameless and The Connors, has taken on her other recurring role as an animal activist this week. With the release of the new PETA promotional video, which can be viewed at the top of the article, Emma invites the world to “F*** fur.”

The video starts out having a light and humorous feel, with Emma asking the audience if they want to go out looking as “flawless” as she is. The 19-year-old actress lets them know they can do so by rejecting fur. She even cracks a few jokes about how wearing dead animals is the opposite of looking “fresh.”

“If you really want to look fresh, you should not wear anything dead, like fur.”

After reminding people gently that “fur doesn’t grow on trees,” the witty, tongue in cheek style comedy turns drastically darker. Kenney begins educating her audience about the fur industry and the fact that millions of innocent animals are mercilessly murdered each year to fuel the production of fur-based products.

The actress proceeded to share the gory details of fur production including the treatment and death of the animals.

“Imagine if your leg got crushed or cut to the bone in a steel trap and, no matter how loudly you cried out for help, nobody came to your rescue. Or that you spent your life crammed inside of a cage then got poisoned, beaten, or electrocuted before being skinned alive. You’d wish you were just having a bad dream,” Kenney said as she educated on fur production.

Kenney also uses the campaign to remind people most of the fur available for purchase in the United States is manufactured in China. Currently, China is the largest exporter of fur-based fashion and is notorious for their practice of slaughtering dogs and cats for their fur. Considering a designer has never openly promoted a dog or cat-based line of fur products, these items are misrepresented when sold in the United States.

“Their fur is often mislabeled as coming from another species, so you can never be sure who you are wearing,” the Shameless star added.

After presenting her audience with all the facts, the actress insists that everyone distance themselves from the fur industry.

“So, forget fur. In fact, f*** fur.”

This PETA ad is not the first time that Emma has taken a proactive position on animal rights. As the Inquisitr reported a year ago, she had a previous partnership with PETA on an anti-puppy mill campaign.

This promotional ad campaign follows on the heels of recent statements from Burberry and Diane Von Furstenberg that they are refusing to create fur-based products. These designers are not alone in their plight as other high-end designers such as Georgio Armani, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Gucci also refuse to use fur.

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