Google Popeye Doodle Celebrates The Cartoons Creator

While E.C. Segar may not be a household name, his main cartoon character Popeye definitely is. From a popular cartoon character to endorsing spinach, Popeye has seen a lot of action over the years, and his creator would have turned 115 today. In celebration of Popeye’s creator the newest Google Doodle (Logo) is celebrating the characters creator.

Popeye was first introduced into the public spotlight in January 1929 as a supporting character in the comic strip Thimble Theatre, which also featured a character named Olive Oyl. Later Popeye received his own stripe and Olive Oyl of course followed him to his own feature.

Clicking on the Google Doodle brings up some interesting facts, for example, according to the Guardian, Segar originally chose Spinach as Popeye’s power food after an 1870 German study said it contained 10 times the amount of iron found in red meat. Later researchers would discover that a decimal place had been accidentally moved, however Segar kept Popeye’s spinach persona going.