Jessie James Decker Shows Off Abs In Sexy Red Workout Bra And Leggings

Is there anything that Jessie James Decker doesn't look good in?

Today, a trip to the gym turned into a fashion lesson from Decker. Photos published by the Daily Mail show the singer decked out in sports gear while looking totally incredible. The mother of three could be seen walking around the Miami area, dressed head to toe in workout gear. Jessie was spotted sporting tight red leggings that showed off her perfectly toned legs.

On top, the 30-year-old donned a matching sports bra, leaving just enough room between the pants and the bra to show off a hint of her toned and tanned abs. Of course, the workout chic look also included a pair of white sneakers. To dress it up a little, Decker added a few silver necklaces and her wedding ring to the look, and wore her long locks in a high ponytail. Decker appeared to be busy as she pushed a stroller containing her youngest son, Forest, who was born in March.

It appears as though the songstress left her home in Nashville for Miami to do a little bit of work. As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, Decker was seen showing off her amazing body once again -- this time for a commercial. It is unclear what product Jessie was promoting, but she was photographed in a lime green bikini that showed off her insanely fit body. Her daughter, Vivianne, also appeared in a few of the shots.

In the past, Decker has admitted that her body doesn't come easy — it is the result of good eating and exercise. As far as diet goes, Jessie recently shared with Us Weekly that she is on the South Beach diet, something that she has promoted in a few commercials.
"I'm on the South Beach diet. It's just lots of protein and vegetables. I try to avoid a lot of carbs, [but] I have a little toast in the morning."
Decker also confessed that she likes to try and eat organic, and to buy products with as few ingredients as possible. She also noted that it is definitely annoying that it's more expensive to eat organic foods -- but it's also something that's worth it for her and her family. And as far as workouts go -- Jessie does them as often as she can. Luckily, her kids are also a good source of exercise.

"I definitely work out like at least twice a week if I can, hardcore. Three times if I have the time," she shared. "But you know I'm lifting 40-, 50-pound bodies every single day, so it is a workout and I am chasing after [my kids] all the time," Decker said.