Donald Trump Jokes That Elizabeth Warren Can No Longer Be Called ‘Pocahontas’

President Trump told supporters at a Texas rally to gather support for incumbent Senator Ted Cruz on Monday that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren can’t be called “Pocahontas” anymore because she doesn’t have “enough Indian blood,” according to the Washington Examiner.

“A bad thing happened last week because Elizabeth Warren was exposed as being a total fraud. And I can no longer call her Pocahontas because she has no Indian blood,” Trump told thousands of supporters.

“I can’t call her Pocahontas. She doesn’t qualify…. I’ve been saying it for a long time,” Trump said. “I’ve been saying it for a year and a half. I said, ‘I have more Indian blood than she does, and I have none.’ I can’t use the name Pocahontas, but if you don’t mind, I will anyway. We got to keep her down.”

The comments come in the wake of Warren taking a DNA test looking to prove she had Native American roots in response to the president promising to donate $1 million to the charity of her choice if she could prove it.

“I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian,” President Trump said. “And let’s see what she does, right? I have a feeling she will say ‘no,’ but we’ll hold that for the debates!”

The test by a Stanford genetics professor found that Warren’s DNA did, in fact, show “strong evidence” that she had a Native American ancestor between six and 10 generations ago, according to CNBC.

After Warren took the test, she requested the president send his $1 million check to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, a nonprofit working to protect native women from violence. More than half of all native women have experienced sexual violence, and the majority of violent crimes against Native Americans are perpetrated by non-natives.

According to a CNN poll, Warren is a favorite to win the Democratic nomination in 2020, even saying she would “take a hard look” at running after the midterms were over.

Warren trails only former Obama-era Vice President Joe Biden among Democratic voters at 13 percent, according to a recent CNN poll.

Even after the president learned about the results of the test, he told reporters, “Who cares?” and later implied that the bet would only count if Warren turned out to be the 2020 nominee.

“I’ll only do it if I can test her personally,” the president added. “That will not be something I will enjoy.”

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