Bindi Irwin Clears The Air On Whether She And Chandler Powell Are Engaged

Bindi Irwin and her family are gearing up for the premiere of their brand new Animal Planet series Crikey! It's the Irwins. The young wildlife warrior is continuing her father's legacy along with mom Terri and brother Robert. There is also another person who has unofficially joined their family. Chandler Powell is Bindi's longtime boyfriend and has recently joined the crew at the Australia Zoo. There have been many rumors floating around that these two are engaged, but Ms. Irwin says that they are not getting married just yet.

It is obvious that Chandler and Bindi are in love and are destined to be together for the long haul. At least that is how it appears to be in photos and in everything that they say about each other. According to a red carpet interview with E! News, the 20-year-old daughter of Steve Irwin decided to set the record straight on the rumors that wedding bells will soon be ringing.

"There's always a few engagement rumors swelling, but I promise you, I can clear the air, we're not engaged yet guys. But I swear I will let you know when it happens, really."
So, there you have it. The two lovebirds are not taking that next step for now. However, you may notice that Bindi Irwin does say that she will let everyone know "when" it happens, not "if" it happens. It sure sounds like they are planning their future together and that it's just a matter of time when Chandler gets down on one knee to propose.
But for the moment, Bindi and her family are focusing on their new show that continues Steve Irwin's wildlife legacy. They are more than excited to get the ball rolling to let the world into their lives with the creatures that they are with day in and day out. Robert and Bindi both want to bring animals into your living room, just like their father did, to learn more about them. If it's anything like The Crocodile Hunter, it should prove to be one fun and wild adventure.

Bindi Irwin is always saying how blessed she is to have her family, and now she is saying that about Chandler as well. She pretty much totes that he will be in her life forever.

"I'm so lucky, I have the best family and I found my person in life. I mean, Chandler's just amazing."
Bindi also described what her perfect date with her guy would be. She says that they would take a boat to an island for a picnic with a slew of lemurs surrounding them. Of course, they would provide plenty of fruit for the cute creatures as well. They do seem to be a perfect match. It sounds like those two have a bright future ahead of them.

Be sure to watch Bindi, Terri, and Robert Irwin on Animal Planet's Crikey! It's the Irwins on October 28.