iPhone XS Max Performance Advantage Over Android Counterparts Is Staggering

Preference for one smartphone platform over another is completely subjective. There is no wrong answer. That said, performance can be measured objectively. And right now, there is nothing on the Android side of things that outperforms the iPhone XS max in certain tasks. Against a similarly configured device, it is not even close.

YouTuber, Phonebuffstyle recently pitted the iPhone XS Max against the Google Pixel 3 XL. Both phones have 4GB of RAM. Some see this as a mismatch already since the iPhone is known for superior memory management. While Android is less efficient when it comes to memory resources.

The test in the video stressed the onboard RAM by opening and closing apps. It takes a little longer to open an app initially. The second time an app is opened, the operation should be much faster because it should still be in RAM. Apps might fall out of RAM depending on how resource intensive they are, and how well the system manages its resources.

The Pixel 3 XL got off to a faster start loading the Facebook and Starbucks app slightly faster than the iPhone. But that advantage was quickly overcome when Microsoft Office apps were brought into the mix. From that point, iPhone took the lead and never looked back.

This test involved more than just opening apps. It opened a large document in Word and edited a selfie in Snapseed. There was also a video export in Premier along with a browser test.

Games were even worse for the Pixel 3 XL. iOS is the only place where Apple has an advantage in gaming. Apple has not prioritized gaming on the Mac. This has left Apple enthusiasts to look elsewhere for their gaming needs.

The test included reopening all the apps and processes without a restart. As expected, iPhone XS Max blew through the process despite its oft-criticized 4GB of RAM. The Pixel 3 XL completed the test over one minute slower than the iPhone XS Max.

The results of the test are brought somewhat into question due to a newly discovered problem with memory on some new Pixel phones. It is not clear what percentage of phones are affected, or if it will be fixed in a software update. We just know the results as they stand right now.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 faired much better against iPhone XS Max in the same test. It still lost. But just for comparison, it has no known memory issues and has twice the RAM at 8GB.