iPhone XR Repair Pricing Revealed

With iPhone XR deliveries just days away, excitement is mounting. The latest Apple revelation is a reminder that excitement must be tempered with real-world concerns. The nature of that revelation is the amount of cash out of pocket it will cost you if you damage your new phone.

Apple updated its AppleCare+ warranty repair documentation to include the iPhone XR. Last year’s new phones with all-glass backs and the introduction of OLED displays make up a big part of the notable price increase for repairs. The iPhone XR sees a price reduction in repairs though it also has a glass back and inductive charging. The front display is LED rather than OLED.

Accidental damage leading to front screen replacement will run $199. All other accidental damage repair will double that price at $399. That includes the rear glass. AppleCare+ is a $149 up-front cost. With it, you get two incidences of front screen repair for $29. Other damages under AppleCare+ is $99.

Apple Insider lists comparisons to other iPhones.

“For comparison, the iPhone XS screen repair bill is set to $279 for the iPhone XS and $329 for the iPhone XS Max. Other damage is $549 and $599 respectively. Repair pricing for all models of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 remain the same.”

Apple is often accused of charging excessively more than other companies for comparable goods and services. However, these prices do not seem out of step with the industry as a whole.

Samsung will repair the very similar Galaxy Note 9 front display for $380. The S9 can be repaired for $250. These are highly advanced computers that push, and in some cases, surpass the power and utility of desktops. Miniaturization tends to increase rather than decrease costs.

You can greatly mitigate your need for an emergency screen repair by putting your new all-glass phone in a case. Many will be tempted to go without a case for the iPhone XR because the colors are very attractive, and constitute a major selling point.

Smartphone cases

There are many clear cases from which to choose that do not add a lot of bulk or expense. Even without a screen protector, a case with a small lip around the edges can do wonders to eliminate breakage despite a facedown impact.

There are also tempered glass screen protectors that can be used with or without a case. Apple claims that the glass on the new iPhones are stronger than ever. But drop tests of the iPhone XS have shown it to be just as prone to breakage and scratches.