Jenelle Evans & David Eason Recant Domestic Abuse Story: ‘Never Been Happier’

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Jenelle Evan’s husband, David Eason, took to social media over the weekend to show the world that he and his Teen Mom 2 wife have “never been happier” after a very publicized domestic violence incident reportedly occurred in the couple’s home less than a week ago.

The couple and their 1-year-old daughter, Ensley, spent some time in Wilmington, NC, this weekend enjoying the sights. They used the opportunity to post their “family time” on social media.

Eason even went so far as to post a video of a family dinner at a restaurant where he gushed on camera over Jenelle and their daughter on his Instagram Stories. The video seems to be Eason’s attempt to paint over the incident and create a different vision of their relationship, E News reports.

The video comes less than a week after Evans claimed she was the victim of a violent assault at the hands of her husband in an emotional and frantic 911 call. In the recorded audio published by TMZ, the Teen Mom 2 star sobbed into the phone as she told the operator that her husband had pinned her down so forcefully in a drunken rage that she “heard her f****** collarbone crack.”

The phone call was placed from the phone line associated with the home that Evans and Eason share. The call lasted just over four minutes.

The 911 dispatch center for Columbus County, North Carolina, reports that the call came in just before 10 p.m. on October 13, and two officers were sent to the scene.

The chief of 911 operations reports that Evans requested an ambulance, but later canceled the request and said, “the female was transported to the hospital via private vehicle instead.”

According to People, Jenelle was, indeed, hospitalized over that weekend. Columbus County Sheriff’s Office confirmed no incident report was taken following the alleged altercation.

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We have never been happier, thanks for asking!

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The real kicker of the story is – in a matter of a few days – Jenelle told a whole different story regarding what happened. Despite there being a recording of the 911 phone call and confirmed hospitalization, representatives of Jenelle released statements that the event was a huge, drunk misunderstanding. According to the statement, Jenelle “tripped and fell” during a bonfire party. Eason’s representatives have confirmed the change in the story.

Despite a police report not being filed regarding the incident and both Jenelle and David recanting the domestic violence incident, it is too soon to tell whether this will be the end of the story. Moreover, many Teen Mom 2 fans can’t help but wonder if Child Protective Services will step in to do their own report given the fact that Jenelle told the operator four children were home at the time.