Powerball October 20 Winning Numbers: See If You’re The Winner Of The $470 Million Jackpot

The Powerball winning numbers for October 20 are here, and one lucky winner may be holding a piece of paper worth nearly half-a-billion dollars.

The jackpot for the multi-state lottery soared to $470 million after the last drawing came and went with no winner. Saturday’s jackpot is now growing to be among the largest in the history of the game (the winning Powerball numbers can be found below).

Though the $470 million Powerball jackpot is the biggest for the lottery in quite some time, it is still overshadowed by the massive prize in the other multi-state lottery, Mega Millions. After Friday’s $1 billion drawing ended with no winners, it has risen to an estimated $1.6 billion for the next drawing, which will take place on Tuesday. It is already the largest prize in lottery history, and could grow even more amid an expected rush of ticket sales across the country.

The giant Mega Millions jackpot breaks a record that was previously held by Powerball for a January, 2016, drawing worth $1.5 billion. As the Washington Post noted, it is no coincidence that both of the multi-state lotteries have had bigger and bigger prizes in recent years. Both games increased the odds of winning, with Mega Millions adding 10 extra numbers to the Mega Ball drawing last year and Powerball made a similar change in 2015. The result was a drawing much more difficult to win, but one guaranteed to generate huge payouts.

The change has worked. There had never been a 10-figure lottery prize before the 2016 drawing worth $1.5 billion, but there have now been three drawings worth at least $1 billion or more. If there is no winner to Saturday’s Powerball drawing, there could be chance for another.

If anyone happens to match all of the Powerball winning numbers for October 20, they will take home an estimated cash prize of $268.6 million.

As Delaware Online noted, there is a good chance of having a Powerball winner on Saturday.

“With all the people playing, odds are much better that someone, somewhere will win. In 2017, Business Insider estimated that if 30 million tickets were sold with randomly selected numbers, there was about a 9 percent chance that someone would win,” the report noted. “The odds of multiple winners were about 0.5 percent. If 50 million tickets were sold, the chance of one winner would be about 14.4 percent, and the chance of more than one, about 1.3 percent, the publication noted.”

The winning Powerball numbers for the October 20 drawing are: 62 – 16 – 54 – 57 – 69 and Powerball number 23.

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