‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Finds A Way To Keep Laura At Arm’s Length

This past week on ABC’s General Hospital had Ryan Chamberlain trying his best to keep Kevin’s wife from getting too close to him. It’s been quite a challenge as Laura is desperately seeking her husband’s attention, only he is not really her husband. She wants a little love in the afternoon, or whenever she can get it at this point. He has been trying to get her attention away from becoming too intimate.

Ryan is doing his best not to raise her suspicions by totally shunning her. That means he is doing whatever it takes to get Laura’s attention onto other things. Her grandson, Spencer, has helped a bit, but that isn’t going to stop her from wanting some alone time with her husband. She is starting to become upset by his lack of enthusiasm in their marriage and by the end of this upcoming week, SheKnows Soaps says that she will become quite insistent.

The Port Charles serial killer will have to find something else that will divert Laura’s attention elsewhere. General Hospital spoilers indicates that Ryan will strongly suggest that she once again run for mayor of Port Charles. Ned Quartermaine currently has that position, but that is only temporary. Remember that Laura had to drop out after Spencer broke his legs in France and she flew off to nurse him back to health. This was when actress Genie Francis faded into the background.

Now she is back with a major story line and it looks like her character may just run again. That would definitely keep Laura busy, just as Ryan hopes it will do. That way he can go about his business of figuring out who will be his next victim without having to worry about her.

Ryan had previously thought about making Laura Spencer Collins one of his victims, especially when she started to annoy him. However, he thought better of it. She also saved Lucy from Ryan’s clutches when she showed up unexpectedly. She is living with a dangerous man and doesn’t even know it.

Ryan will soon begin his path of destruction in Port Charles. General Hospital fans are bracing themselves for what comes next. Ryan Chamberlain will no longer be able to control his dark impulses. Hopefully someone will see that something is not right with the doc before he really wreaks havoc on Port Charles.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Keep watching in the next few weeks to see who Ryan will set his sights on.