Jaguars Cornerback Jalen Ramsey Sees A Double Standard In How Media Treats Him Compared To Bill Belichick

The 3-3 Jacksonville Jaguars logged their third loss for the NFL season in Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. While the Jaguars' defense started the season off strong, they have given up a litany of points in their last two outings. In Week 5, Jacksonville lost 30-14 to the Chiefs. Then, in Week 6, against the Cowboys, the Jaguars were stunningly blown out 40-7. Jalen Ramsey is considered one of the best cornerbacks in the league, though that hasn't shown in his last two games, and it was clear that Ramsey wasn't happy after the loss in Dallas.

Normally, during postgame interviews, the Jaguars' cornerback is very open to reporters. Even if Jacksonville loses, Jalen Ramsey will usually open up about the game. However, after Jacksonville's blowout defeat against the Cowboys, Ramsey was anything but welcoming. As seen in the footage below, when Ramsey was asked the expected questions, he offered one to three-word answers.

In Ramsey's defense, the reporters were not all that kind, as one phrased a question in a manner that could be taken as rude. As seen in the video, a reporter asked Jalen, "How much of a shock is it that this defense comes out and gets their a** beat, considering the talent you guys have?" Ramsey replied with, "I don't know."

While that question could be taken as a little rude, Ramsey was clearly annoyed the moment the postgame interview started. He answered, "I don't know" to questions at least six times, and offered other lengthy responses, such as "I don't remember," "we'll see," and "that's not important." The entire postgame session lasted about 70 seconds.

Because of his brevity, and because this is out of character for Ramsey, his behavior certainly made headlines. Most of the headlines cited that Jalen Ramsey was not as talkative after back-to-back losses. As CBS Sports reported, the Jaguars' cornerback fired back against his recent treatment from the media and said that he was being held to a different standard than Bill Belichick.

"If I did that it's like, 'Jalen's an a--hole. Jalen's an a--hole, why's he answering questions like this?' But Bill Belichick answers a question like that and it's like, 'Oh I love it. Bill Belichick.' Man, come on. Y'all are corny bro."
While Ramsey isn't wrong, as many NFL pundits have pointed out, there seems to be a logical reason on why the Patriots' head coach and the Jaguars' cornerback have been treated differently under similar circumstances: Bill Belichick is usually curt with reporters. In fact, if Belichick were to offer some deep insight in a postgame interview, especially after a loss, fans would probably wonder if he were ill.
On the other hand, Ramsey is usually welcoming and open to the media, so his recent behavior was out of the norm for the player. So, many fans understand why the media took notice of Jalen Ramsey's unusual behavior, especially after the Jaguars lost to the Dallas Cowboys by such a huge deficit.