NFL Trade Talk: Dallas Cowboys WR Terrance Williams Suspended For Three Games, Possible Replacement Options

The Dallas Cowboys released All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant back in April, and things simply haven’t been the same on offense since then. Without any player really stepping up and separating themselves in the passing game, things just got a lot worse. Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams has been suspended three games by the NFL and that may lead Dallas to go looking for help in the trade market.

As reported by ESPN, Williams’ suspension is due to violating the league’s substance-abuse policy, which comes from his public intoxication arrest in May.

Now, Williams has already been on injured reserve after the Cowboys placed him there earlier in October. Due to being on IR, he isn’t eligible to return until December 9, 2018, which is when Dallas plays the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 14, and that means he won’t miss any additional time.

Despite the fact that the Cowboys won’t really suffer since Terrance Williams was already on the sideline, they certainly need help on offense. Their leading receiver this season is Cole Beasley, who has just 294 yards and two touchdowns on 26 receptions.

At 3-3, the Cowboys are staying competitive in the NFC East, which has seen struggles from every team in the division. Still, Dallas could use some help on offense, and there are some wide receiver options out there if a trade can be made before the October 30 deadline.

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One wide receiver that is definitely on the block is Amari Cooper of the Oakland Raiders, and as reported by the Inquisitr, some rumors already have him linked to the Cowboys. If that doesn’t happen, there are some other interesting trade scenarios floating around right now.

While there is no guarantee that their teams would even trade them, Sport DFW thinks the Cowboys should look at a few other receivers, and one is Larry Fitzgerald. The Arizona Cardinals are off to a horrible start this year and it appears as if a rebuilding era is on the way in the desert.

The report also states a couple of longshots in Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos and A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals. Neither is said to be on the trading block, but if Dallas became desperate, they may be able to offer up the right package for a deal.

Of course, there is always speculation that the Dallas Cowboys may turn to Dez Bryant and see if they can get him back. According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, the Cowboys aren’t looking at Bryant or even to make a move for any offensive help right now.

The Dallas Cowboys simply can’t get any kind of consistency going as they’re on one week and off the next. The suspension of Terrance Williams won’t hurt them since he’s injured, but they need some kind of jolt on offense and at the wide receiver position. With upcoming games against the Redskins, Titans, Eagles, and Falcons on the horizon, something will need to change as a .500 record won’t get them into the playoffs.