Monster Alligator, Chubbs, Captured On Video At Florida Golf Course

For some, the idea of spotting a monster alligator believed to be anywhere from 14 to 16 feet in length is enough to turn tail and run away in terror. For friends and frequent guests at golf clubs in Florida, giant alligators strolling across a course is not an uncommon sight.

The club’s reptilian visitor, affectionately nicknamed Chubbs, made his first appearance on the Buffalo Creek Course back in 2016. After being caught on camera, the creature became an overnight social media sensation. Random stories and memes have continued to pop up about him ever since.

Being such a large reptile, many were skeptical regarding whether the original video was real. The video attracted so much attention that websites like Snopes and PolitiFact did some investigating to determine whether the monster alligator was real. After fact-checking, both websites determined Chubbs was a very real creature.

Visitors of the club got another glimpse of the “monster gator” this past weekend when Chubbs decided to take a leisurely stroll across his home course, causing a few unseasoned visitors to stop in their tracks. So far, no one has been injured by the monster alligator.

While alligators are not a creature to mess with, larger alligators do not move as quickly as smaller ones. So, there is less of a risk that they will charge and attack someone, the New York Times affirms. per Dr. Frank Mazzotti, a professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Florida.

Chubbs has been said to do his own thing and will leave you alone so long as you respectably do the same. Golf course employees and regulars often joke affectionately about Chubbs being more like a pet or a mascot. They enjoy seeing him and the looks on guests faces when they see him for the first time.

While the monster gator’s exact size is unknown, he is assumed to be male because the largest female alligators are known to be around nine feet long and he is believed to be larger than that.

Chubbs was named after a character in the movie Happy Gilmore, starring Adam Sandler. The character Chubbs was an elderly golf coach, played by Carl Weathers, who had his hand bitten off by what he refers to as a “d*** alligator!”

While gators can be dangerous, this monster-size reptile seems to be uninterested in human contact. When he was first spotted and caught on camera back in 2016 by Charles Helms, he was said to be moving pretty slow, Helms explained during an interview with Golf.

“This alligator was so large he would only move slowly about 100 feet at a time before having to lie down and rest so he probably wasn’t in as much danger as it may have appeared,” Helms recalled during the interview.

Sage Stryczny captured another video of the monster reptile this past weekend. The young man was golfing with his father when Chubbs slowly wandered by.

The already viral monster alligator went viral once more when Stryczny uploaded a 10 second video clip of Chubbs wandering past his golf cart on Facebook.

In a week’s time, the video had been viewed just shy of 70,000 times.

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