Video Montage Shows Fox News Reporting Immigrants Will Drug, Rape, Kill Americans & Overthrow Government

A video montage of Fox News panelists, pundits, and journalists spreading alarmist conspiracy theories is going viral on social media, Raw Story reports.

Put together by John Kerr of Media Matters – a non-profit media watchdog group – the video shows Fox News spreading, without evidence, theories that the Democratic Party is planning a coup, deliberately letting “hordes” of immigrants cross the border in an effort to overthrow the United States government.

“Democrats want to replace you, the American voters, with newly-amnestied citizens, and an ever-increasing number of chain migrants,” Laura Ingraham can be heard alleging.

According to Tucker Carlson, the alleged Democratic plot is “about seizing power, and holding it.”

“While you were grilling in the backyard last night, they were plotting, in effect, a coup,” Tucker warns.

“Criminal illegal aliens coming in, it’s basically end the rule of law,” a Fox News guest can be heard saying.

Immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, with the help of the Democratic Party, are coming into the United States to kill, drug, rape Americans, and subsequently overthrow the United States government, according to Fox News.

Two and a half minutes long, the video is a montage of Fox News journalists and guests channeling and emulating President Donald Trump’s alarmist immigration rhetoric.

With midterm elections approaching, the right-wing television network seems to have shifted into high gear, depicting the Democratic Party as a party of chaos, and spreading conspiracy theories without offering evidence.

Alarmist and sometimes accepted as gospel on the right, President Trump and Fox News’ immigration rhetoric is not rooted in reality, according to research.

In June this year, for instance, conservative and libertarian-leaning Cato Institute published an elaborate research paper based on official government data, showing that legal immigrants, non-citizens, and illegal immigrants are much less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans.

The Trump administration’s “peddling of misleading statistics without context” should not be tolerated, Cato concluded, adding that “enforcing immigration law more harshly is an ineffective way to punish a population that is less likely to murder or commit crimes than native-born Americans.”

Nonetheless, almost half of Americans believe that immigrants are indeed entering the United States to drug, rape, kill, and overthrow governments, according to a Gallup poll.

In March 2018, citing multiple, peer-reviewed studies the New York Times published a 1,000-word analysis, busting the myth of the “criminal immigrant,” and concluding that immigration, in fact, has the effect of reducing crime.

In the world of post-truth politics and “alternative facts,” as Kellyanne Conway once infamously put it, scientific studies and official data do not seem to matter. According to Adweek, Fox News is the most popular news channel in the United States, and the second most popular overall.

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