Hillary Clinton Aide Says Chances She Will Run For President In 2020 Are ‘Powerball Range’

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines admitted that Hillary Clinton may still run for the presidency in 2020, but claimed that the chances of that happening are in “Powerball range,” according to Fox News.

He also told Fox’s Martha MacCallum that if Hillary was to launch another presidential campaign, the former Secretary of State would defeat Donald Trump, claiming people would love a “comeback.”

“I do. Everyone loves a comeback,” Reines said, before admitting that her running would still be a far-shot.

“I’m not saying she’s going to run. I think the odds are probably in the Powerball range.”

Most people considered Hillary Clinton’s political career to be over after she was embarrassed by Donald Trump in the presidential race in 2016 after leading in multiple polls, and while the months following the defeat saw her mostly out of the public eye, the former Secretary of State has started to become more vocal in her denunciation of Trump and the Republicans in Congress lately.

A recent op-ed in the New York Times, however, slammed Hillary for hogging the limelight at a time when Democrats should be most concerned with energizing voters for the upcoming midterms. The column noted that Hillary Clinton’s speaking arrangements were a cause of “distraction” for the Democrats, but Philippe Reines was quick to blast the op-ed writer for being “sexist.”

“This is a refrain that people have heard over the years. And it’s silly,” Reines said. “People didn’t want her to run for Senate. She did. She won. People didn’t want her to be Secretary of State. She did. She did a great job. People didn’t want her to run, be president. She was the nominee. It’s just silly. It’s very inside baseball.”

“For someone who got 65 million votes, more than anyone except Barack Obama, I’m going to guess that more than a few still like her. And this notion of ‘go away,’ there’s some sexism to it, too. I mean, you don’t hear anyone saying John McCain should go away after 2008 or Mitt Romney or John Kerry. It’s just the, just the woman that’s supposed to be quiet and go away.”

With the 2020 presidential contest more than two years away, it is still early to speculate about the Democrats who could challenge Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic race to Hillary Clinton in 2016, is believed to be considering another run, but Clinton’s potential involvement is definitely surprising. Even so, it is the results of the midterms which could give Democrats a much better understanding of their chances in the next presidential election and the probable candidates they would want to field.

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