Galaxy X: Samsung Hints At Compromise Between ‘Mobility’ And Larger Screen For Foldable Phone

For the past several months, rumors have been swirling about Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone, the so-called Galaxy X. Previous reports had indicated that the device might be sold in limited numbers at an ultra-premium price point, and hinted at some possible dimensions for the phone’s screen size. While Samsung has yet to confirm this information, one of the company’s executives laid out some expectations for the Galaxy X’s two displays during an exclusive interview with British tech publication Trusted Reviews.

Speaking to Trusted Reviews deputy news and features editor Aatif Sulleyman at a recent roundtable discussion, Samsung Mobile display research and development head Byung Duk Yang discussed what he’d like to see in a foldable phone. He explained that he would prefer it if the phone had a larger display “when reading a newspaper or watching a video,” but added that the portability of such a device is also important.

“For mobile phones, we have to consider that this is a mobile device and so we cannot expand the size continuously without limit,” said Yang.

“There’s always an optimal size for mobility, and this is an area that we always have to consider. Therefore, this is a matter of choice. We want, of course, for our screens to be bigger, however, we don’t want to compromise mobility. It has to be mobile, and we have to strike the right balance between the two.”

No specifics on screen sizes were provided, but there have been recent rumors pointing to the possible dimensions for both of the Samsung Galaxy X’s displays. Last month, SamMobile cited a report from South Korean publication ETNews, which claimed that the Galaxy X might come with a 7.3-inch foldable OLED display and an external 4.6-inch flexible OLED display for use as a “regular smartphone.”

The above report also cited a statement from Samsung Mobile CEO D.J. Koh, which suggested that the company hopes to announce its foldable phone before the end of the year, most likely at the Samsung Developer Conference in November.

While Samsung did clue Trusted Reviews in on the Galaxy X’s possible display sizes without providing any concrete information, the company was more cagey when it was asked about its two flagship lines. Samsung Mobile principal designer Sangil Park did not comment directly on whether the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are due for a “radical” redesign in 2019, instead telling Trusted Reviews that it would be a “big risk” if the company made such big changes on an annual basis and that these changes might only be implemented if the consumer demand is there.

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