Melania Trump Impersonator, Melanie Marden, Tells Trolls To ‘Be Best’ In Fake Accent Following Death Threats

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

T.I. recently uploaded an Instagram video where he depicted a naked Melania Trump seducing him in the oval office. The actress, Melanie Marden, has since received death threats for her role. Melanie noted that “Someone threatened to hit me with a baseball bat, hit me with their car. Another said, ‘I hope you get raped then killed,'” according to the Hollywood Life. The video was also condemned by a White House spokesperson, who suggested that a boycott of T.I. was in order.

Since then, Melanie has uploaded a new video to her Instagram account, during which she continues her impersonation of the first lady. She wore a fancy shirt and jewelry, as she noted the following.

“Music and art should unite us. I’d like to address some of the response I had. Yes, I was naked. But I’ve been naked before. But for those who love my husband, I love you too. But there’s no need for death threats. Life is short. Relax, and be kind. Be best. God bless America and bless us, and Trump.”

The model tried to mimic the first lady’s accent, and referenced her “Be Best” campaign, which is about online bullying. While the model certainly has some resemblance to Melania, the two don’t look identical by any means. However, her depiction of the first lady in T.I.’s video was more plausible, considering that her hair was done up like Melania’s, and her face was only seen a little bit.

The “Be Best” campaign was initially under scrutiny for its title, and also for its potentially hypocritical nature. After all, Trump haters believe that the president himself is one of the biggest online bullies around.

And recently, Melania revealed during her first sit-down interview as first lady that she feels that she’s “the most bullied person on the world.” She later clarified, saying she’s “One of [the most bullied], if you really see what people saying about me.” Melania also said that “We need to educate the children of social-emotional behavior, so when they grow up, they know how to deal with those issues. That’s very important.”

Meanwhile, it looks like Melanie is trying her best to keep her humor intact in midst of the death threats. She’s previously found success as a model, actress, and even a producer, detailed the Daily Mail. And while the actress had “no intention of making a political statement,” it looks like she is now part of the political conversation, whether she intended to or not. Hopefully the trolls get the message and realize that the actress was just doing her job.