Jim Acosta Apologizes For Using Expletive In Private Message To Former Melania Trump Aide

Jim Acosta, the chief White House correspondent for CNN, apologized early Friday morning to a Twitter user for sending him an expletive-laden private message over the social media site.

Acosta explained in his apology that he believed the individual was an “old friend” of his from their shared “campaign days.” “I’m so sorry. Hope I didn’t offend you. Have a good night and take care,” Acosta added, according to reporting from the Hill.

The message from the journalist, which included use of the “f-word,” came about after Justin Caporale, a former aide to First Lady Melania Trump, had replied to a tweet sent from Acosta on Thursday evening, in the minutes before the president was set to take the stage at a campaign-style rally in Montana. In that tweet, Acosta complained about the loud music, suggesting it was potentially a dangerous choice by President Donald Trump’s team.

“Tonight the Trump campaign/WH turned up the music so loud the press risers were vibrating,” wrote Acosta. “Nearly impossible to do live TV. I suppose the WH loves those kinds of shenanigans. But I wonder if it’s a security concern for [United States Secret Service] or local law enforcement. They can’t hear either.”

Caporale replied to that tweet in a mocking way, writing simply, “Dear Diary…”

That’s when Acosta sent the message to Caporale. It was two words in length, and simply read, “F*** you.”

In response to Acosta’s message, Caporale took a screenshot of the message and sent it to his followers. “IM SORRY. WHATTTT?????” Caporale captioned his tweet.

Caporale’s indignation seems to be legitimate, as he’s called out others for swearing in private in the past as well, according to a search of his recent tweets. He himself, however, has also used a swear word on social media in a tweet he sent out in September, although it wasn’t directed at an individual.

Acosta may have had reason to worry about the security of journalists at Trump events. Per previous reporting from the Inquisitr, the president openly celebrated a Republican Congressman from Montana at the same event for physically assaulting a member of the media.

“Any guy that can do a body slam, he’s my kind of guy,” Trump said on Thursday evening, referencing Rep. Greg Gianforte.

Trump has also directed his ire toward CNN and Acosta in the past, as reporting from The Daily Beast demonstrated two years ago.

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