Giada De Laurentiis Opens Up About Her Past Insecurities

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Today, Giada De Laurentiis is known as one of the most famous chefs in America. Italian born, De Laurentiis says that cooking was a major aspect of her childhood and is just something that has always come naturally to her. She built a name for herself when she broke off on her own to create a catering company, GDL Foods, which attracted well known clients such as Ron Howard.

She later became one of the Food Network’s greatest stars and rocketed to fame upon upon the start of her two culinary shows, Everyday Italian and Giada at Home. She currently co-hosts Food Network Star along with long time culinary legend, Bobby Flay.

However, according to the People Magazine, De Laurentiis wasn’t always the poised and confident television personality she is today. When she was first picked up by the Food Network to host Everyday Italian, she had no previous experience on TV. Though she was a seasoned chef, she had yet to develop her skills in front of the camera.

“In the beginning it was very intimidating, I think I just wasn’t open enough; I wasn’t secure enough,” she said. “Italian culture and Italian food were such a part of my every day that I didn’t realize other people wouldn’t understand certain things.”

De Laurentiis can now look back at her shaky start in the television world and laugh. She recounted one of her most embarrassing TV moments, which took place on the Today Show, where she was presenting a recipe. At the time, she was still new to the on-screen cooking world and was so nervous she was unable to properly cook the meal she planned.

“Al Roker was my host,” she says. “I made a grilled chicken with three different pestos, but it was actually the stylist who cooked the food…we get to the point where Al says, ‘Let’s taste it’ and cuts into the chicken, and it was raw inside!”

Di Laurentiis says she can still remember how she visibly froze, unable to hide her error. Luckily, the Today Show decided to give her another chance. She now appears on the show regularly as a contributor and guest co-host, sharing recipes for everything from baby back ribs to no-cook tomato sauce. Di Laurentiis has learned and grown from her past mistakes and is now equipped to handle those accidents that are bound to happen every once in awhile with grace.